God of War III cleans out PS3 stocks

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With the release of God of War III yesterday, Sony’s PlayStation 3 has moved off store shelves quicker than ever as multiple retailers have reported the console as Sold Out.

GameStop had both the 120GB and 250GB PlayStation Slim unavailable for purchase and back ordered. So, not only did the console sell, but it oversold the stock GameStop had available to its consumers.

The same fate was served at Best Buy as the retailer had a “Sold Out” status for both the 120GB and 250GB models. This is pretty surprising considering Sony said they would replenish stock in time for the God of War III release. So either the company is still facing shortages or God of War III is moving consoles like bottled water after a natural disaster.

Furthermore, Amazon.com was cleaned out as well. Both SKU’s were unavailable as of yesterday and it seems like Sony is preparing to enjoy a much higher NPD number than February’s 360,000 figure.

How many of you have caught Kratos fever like the rest of the country?

Readers Comments (15)

  1. I bet this is a marketing strategy. People want what they can’t get. People want GOWIII yet they can’t get it, thus raising expectation and excitement, meaning they will find a PS3 anywhere and a copy of the game (maybe even buy some other games in the meanwhile).

  2. VofEscaflowne March 17, 2010 @ 11:26

    Good news as the PS3 is really solidifying itself as a must own console. No longer can people laugh at it for not having any good games. It can now stand up as having some of the best gaming experiences not only for this generation, but previous ones as well.

  3. @Vof: Well, even people who laughed at it at first were just being ignorant. Ever since launch, I’ve been enjoying my PS3 on a daily basis, starting with RFOM, Motorstorm, Virtua Tennis, to Warhawk and Ninja Gaiden, to Killzone 2, InFamous, to Borderlands, and now to GOWIII, FFXIII, BFBC2, etc, etc, etc.

  4. People all over Twitter on monday night were tweeting pics and stories of anywhere between 40-100 people at any given midnight launch, which doesn’t surprise me at all. This and the maybe-real-maybe-not GT5 were the two reasons I had no problem plunking down $700 for my launch 60GB in December 2006. Halfway home!

  5. Damn, the sheer amount of gaming offered this year is really showing.

  6. Is anybody really surprised? lol

  7. Moocows111111 March 17, 2010 @ 13:26

    Seriously I remember a few years ago, we used to laugh at the Ps3, not knowing the capabilities of Blu-Ray and the Ps3’s power. Lair and Ps3’s supposed savior Heavenly Sword were being laughed at, the price and overall library of the Ps3 was minuscule. Then now when you look at it, Ps3’s are being sold out, games like Uncharted 2, GOW3, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2 set up new standards in gaming, providing Epic adventures as well as story to match. To incorporate new innovations into gaming and provide games that has too huge of a scale to say that its from THIS GENERATION of games instead of being in the NEXT Generation of gaming.

  8. The two reasons why I bought a PS3 were FF and GOW, Square dissipointed on FF13 making it a multiplat, but GOW made me smile inside. I never doubted Sony since I first held my PS1, and as always I continue to support NIntendo until they messed up on the Wii.

  9. this is also nothing special…i mean come on…its KRATOS, DAMMIT!!

  10. wow
    that means e-bay sellers will take adwantage of this and sell ps3s at a higher price and/or enable bids

  11. Not really surprised, this game was always going to move units and surprised sony didnt have more spare capacity than normal to cope with the increased demand. NPD figures are going to be interesting.

  12. I can’t say I’m surprised but, IMO Sony really had this planned out. It’s just building up excitement for people over the world to want to get a ps3 and GOW3 even more. Which is a pretty good strategy.

  13. @Thorzilla I couldn’t agree with you more, this is an age old strategy that always works. Supply and Demand, the less of something the more people want it; however I heard it’s possible that the Ps3 is losing 7 ounces while stopping production on the earlier slim models and starting the new would leave a little gap some where or go unnoticed with slower sales. So maybe it’s legit or maybe it’s strategy either way it seems to be working out well.

  14. By the time they get more consoles to stores GOW will be old!! Stupid Sony…

  15. Also, there is a HUGE stortage of PS3s here in the SF Bay Area, cannot find it anywhere!! Only on Ebay or Amazon for close to $400 for a new one! Bought a used one on Craigslist and that was a great deal so Im glad I found that. But the console has been sold out for months everyone is telling me!!

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