Gran Turismo 5 officially delayed in Japan

Gran Turismo 5 has for the first time been officially delayed. Yes, I did say for the first time. Although it seems otherwise, this is actually the game’s first official delay, owing to the fact that a release date was not announced until the Tokyo Games Show last year when Sony pinned GT5 to March 2010 in Japan.

Today Sony Japan posted a press release stating that the game would be delayed for one month in the country. A new official release date will be announced soon.

Although a date has yet to be revealed for either the US or Europe, SCEE has come out to state that today’s press release was only in reference to Japan. A SCEE representative told Eurogamer:

This information on the GT release is only applicable for the Japanese market. SCEE will announce the launch date for this game in the PAL territories in due course.

Nevertheless, it’s likely that Sony will hold the game back from Western markets until Holiday 2010. While you wait, enjoy gawking over our Gran Turismo 5 screenshot gallery.

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  1. i speak japanese and the translation is wrong 3 months and march and very simular in japan and the game will be realeased in march with NO DELAYS thats what they confirmed that it will be the 3rd month not 3 months later

  2. Thanks Jamie, but I didn’t write that it was delayed for three months. I said one month, using this translation from the press release:

    “We’ve decided to postpone for a month”.

  3. Release the damm game already, want to play it right now!

  4. These delays are getting comical! Especially considering this is the first ‘official’ delay, given it’s years late ;p

  5. release already i got my driving force gt all ready up for this game im playing midnight club, nfs shift, dirt 2 and the wheel feels great with it. i also got my 5.1 ch sorround sound, 1080p hd tv dane im pumped for this cant wait still have to preorder it lol

  6. well of course there delaying it
    i mean, they CANT release it the same month that god of war 3 is comming out
    nobody would ewen nodice it exsists

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