GT5 finally nails sense of speed

Gran Turismo, and racing simulators in general, have struggled to nail the sense of speed so common in arcade racing games and real-life racing. Even Gran Turismo 5 didn’t seem to have made progress in this area, but the latest footage puts this issue to bed.

In a video of the GT5 Nürburgring 24-hour circuit demo, a lucky gamer takes a Lexus out for a spin. Using the game’s new professional driving physics, the gamer does a bloody good job at posting a respectable time at extreme speeds.

Now, we’re not sure if it’s just the quality of the driver, or the choice of camera, but the sense of speed in the following video is palpable. Let us know whether you agree in the comments section. We’ll hear more about Gran Turismo 5, which is expected to release later this year, at next months E3.

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  1. It does seem pretty good. I never really payed attention before, but it does look like he is moving pretty quickly which is right.

  2. Yes the sense of speed is definately improved! Especially,on the straight aways at 245 MPH!

  3. Freaking video almost made me fall asleep man!

  4. I keep seeing these thumbnails and hoping, “Release date, release date, release date.” But no, it’s just Polyphony Digital showing off another awesome aspect of the game.

  5. doesnt really seem to have improved the sense of speed too much. it does however seemed to have fixed the chronic understeer problem of all GTs before it.

  6. I can’t see the video. Is this video on youube? I’ve seen all the new Nurb Gp videos and haven’t seen a lexus in either of them.

  7. I watched another video the other day and thought the exact same, its a real improvement and is even more noticable when in cockpit view, it makes you feel a sense of caution because it feels so fast. Id love to know what they have done, I think it is a mixture of camera shake and some post processing of some description.

  8. Its not 245 mph, its in kmh…but still looks pretty fast

  9. Yamauchi needs to be arrested… for holding this gem from us for so long! Props to that player as well.. very impressive.

  10. Nevermind.

  11. thismeinteil May 19, 2010 @ 20:13

    The sense of speed has definitely been improved. The lack of that sense was something that turned me off to earlier installments in the series. I’m glad they addressed it. Definitely purchasing this game.

  12. Hate to say it but that video is sped up. Look at the people walking around on the sides. Also the flashing lights on the dash interface are blinking a lot faster than they normally do (compared to Prologue and the time-trial demo they release a while back). Personally I’m glad it’s not THAT fast as that’s just plain unrealistic and getting into Ridge Racer territory almost.

    Not trying to hate on it (I’ve loved Gran Turismo ever since I was introduced to the series with GT3) but there’s no way that’s accurate.

  13. Sry for double post: Okay wow I take back my comment. I just looked at the timer on top and that is definitely accurate timing (BAD EYES… BAD!). That must be some SERIOUS grip that car has (not to mention acceleration).

  14. I think the camera view seems faster than other available camera options…though it does seem smooth and fast…tough to say. Need to compare with other views.

  15. @ sunny

    Well, to start, its kph, so its not THAT fast, and that view has always had a great sense of speed, even in sims. Ive NEVER played a forza or gt game and thought “wow, it says im doin 200 but it feels like 50”. dont know what crack you guys are smokin

  16. If youve guys ever watched top gear, and im sure you have, whenever theyre in the car and your lookin at them from the in car camera, when you look outside when theyre goin ridiculously fast, it doesnt look like its goin that fast at all, so i think sims have the correct sense of speed perfectly, its the arcades that are ridiculous.

  17. @Sunny, LMFAO thats kilometers not MPH dude.

  18. Awesome Driver.

  19. wow
    the guys driving makes split second look slow

  20. wait till youre driving in a C class car :/

  21. he went 263 KPH at 0:22.

  22. The camera person should have some lunch before recording….

  23. My opinion is the game going to be awesome!!. but the sense of speed is caused by the camera shake. it makes you feel that little shaky you feel while driving at high speed.

    what do you think ?.

  24. PS360WIIowner May 20, 2010 @ 17:46

    No, it’s only the camera. Forza 3 is so much better than this game.

  25. Forza 3 better than what? Go play your $hitBox 360.. If you don’t have possibility to buy a PS3, it’s not our fault.. Get a life.. FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!

  26. hacker13sacker May 21, 2010 @ 09:11

    lol at the troll…why would you come to a gran turismo post and say forza 3 looks better…you must be new too racing sims

  27. need4speed shift has the best sense of speed in any racing game ive played on any console

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