GT5 vs. Real-Life in GPS technology video

Revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2010, Gran Turismo 5’s data logger technology will bring real-world laps to PlayStation 3 gamers; if they actually have access to real-world race tracks that is. We have the first footage of the GPS-track day unit technology in action.

Featuring a Lexus IS F on the Fuji Speedway, the following video shows the real-world lap up against a Gran Turismo 5 replay. The system works by monitoring the real car’s position on track, with the data then transfered to the PS3 by memory card or USB stick. You can then watch your lap replayed in the game, or race against it by loading your performance as a ghost car.

Though this technology may be useless to many gamers, it proves the accuracy of Polyphony Digital’s latest game in both track creation and individual car physics. There may also be opportunities for racing against professional greats, or even The Stig’s Top Gear test track performances. Enjoy the video below and find GT5 screenshots in our gallery.

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  1. TheRighteousFascist January 18, 2010 @ 12:24

    If it weren’t for the captions, I’d have a hard time telling which was real and which was just graphics!

    Bravo Polyphony Digital, for making such a good-looking game!

  2. its a good thing there is a “real” word under the real life video
    othervise id be really confused

  3. If it wasnt delayed, I’d be happy

  4. It’s delayed in Japan…we never knew when it was coming to US and Europe. Most likely Holiday 2010

  5. I’m reaaaaaaally hoping for a Summer 2010 release – right before all the big Fall releases hit.

  6. GT is now better than reality.

  7. this is nice but creepy at the same time anyways cant wait for the game

  8. I’m pretty impressed. Can’t wait to see how it looks like behind the wheels. LOL

  9. wow, that was really nice looking (as ive seen this video before) it really almost doest look real!

  10. The difference is the GT5 looks prettier

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