GT5’s standard cars just upscaled GT4 models

Gran Turismo 5 is set to be the racing simulator of the generation. It’s so feature full that it’ll surely push the limits of a Blu-ray disc. As we’ve already discussed, the game’s premium cars really take things to a new graphical level. They’re hyper-realistic. But they only consist of 20% of GT5’s vehicles – the other 80% are what Polyphony Digital call “standard” cars. These have been brought in from previous Gran Turismo games. We had hoped that they’d just not had the same amount of love as the game’s premium cars, but it looks like their models are mostly copied from GT4.

Firstly, the 800+ standard cars won’t have interiors – so no cock-pit views for them. Creating 1000+ cars to the same exacting standards as the 200 premium cars would be an impossible task – and if not impossible, it would take Polyphony Digital another five-years to complete.

The premium vehicles will include headlights with ‘high and low beams’, with full deformation and dislodging of body parts. In comparison, standard cars will only have standard lights, performance damage, dirt, scratches and dents.

As for what the standard vehicles look like, Eurogamer claims that they’re “glossy, finely detailed, and a fair match for anything you might have seen in Project Gotham or Forza.” But we’re going to have to beg to differ. Sure, in motion they look fine, helped in part by GT5’s incredible lighting. But when you get closer, things are a little different. Indeed, many of the cars look to be direct upscaled copies of their Gran Turismo 4 counterparts. Take the following comparison (GT5 images taken from the official trailer below) – the polygon count is unchanged from GT4:

Gran Turismo 5 ‘standard car’ (click to enlarge):


Gran Turismo 4 car model:

25q7xi0 (Credit Jeseus of NeoGAF)

And then there’s the textures. The following image shows that, unlike the fully modelled lights on premium models, the lights on standard models are simply overlayed textures:


And just for fun, this screenshot (taken from the GT5 trailer below) shows the car advertising Gran Turismo 4 (but it’s a real-world car, so we won’t blame them):


Sure, it’s a disappointing, but GT5 is packed full of content. Over 1000 cars, over 20 locations, 40 tracks and 70 variations. Night racing, weather, go-karting, the Top Gear test track, it’s fully playable in 3D and you can even make your own tracks. We don’t want the game to be in development any longer, so Polyphony Digital better stick toΒ Sony’s announced 2 November release date.

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  1. GT4 looked better than Forza, and premium cars are not possible on the 360.

    This is a non-issue.

    Good for hits though….

  2. this article is such a joke when you know about racing, firstly Le mans cars have light stickers just like nascar you idiot, secondly the car has GT4 because it was a GT4 advertising car at the time just like how the others have playstation 2.

  3. This is ancient news. (I’m not trying to sound like a jerk) Ever heard of GT premium and GT classic?? That was shown a long time ago when GTHD was first revealed. Years before GT5 was announced.

  4. Not a big deal, although it’s odd that PD spends all this time working on the finer details of cars instead of designing them from scratch.

  5. Starish, you would do well to learn more about racing yourself. Le Mans cars DO have working headlights, and the color of their headlights are used as a way of identifying vehicle class during night time competitions. You will notice the le mans cars in the video above using headlights in-game, though I think they are more complex than just “decals,” they are just not FULLY modeled like the premium versions. Also, the writer acknowledged that the GT4 car was a replica of a real-world vehicle, he’s basically just saying it’s ironic.

  6. Wow guys — Relax a bit, lol. Not everything is always going to be over-the-top amazing. Sometimes shit happens and things don’t blow you away. Big deal. Scaled up vehicles aren’t going to change the fact that Gran Turismo 5 is still going to be a great racer. Gameplay and mechanics always come before visual prowess. So long as those work, it should be gravy.

  7. Considering how good the cars looked in GT4, I don’t really care πŸ™‚ Judging from the screenshot, you had to enlarge the image to see the jaggies and low-res sponsors…considering the power of the PS3, and the upscaling PD has done, I don’t think it will matter when the game is in motion at 60 fps πŸ˜‰

  8. mprashanth911 June 21, 2010 @ 21:34

    So whats wrong if they are just HD upgrades huh?
    As long as they look clean on a HDTV i dont care.And with 200premium cars to choose,i doubt if i would even think of using these 800standard cars.i will just stick with the uber cool premium segment!

    Long Live Polyphony digital and Mr Kazunouri Yamauchi San!

  9. Hey dustin, comments like those always make remind me about the power of the PS3! So what, upscaling some and premium others? DUDE GRAN TURISMO PS3! MY FIRST PLAYSTATION 1 GAME!!! AND IM ONLY !6!!!

  10. If that 800+ cars not having interior views is actually true, i’m passing on this game. That is just ridiculous and makes me not want to purchase it. So it might be a pass from me now.

  11. the cars in GT4 looked good for a PS2 game. they dont, however, look good for a PS3 game.

    just look at all the jagged lines from low-polygon count. look at how the door seams/panel seams are merely black lines drawn on the texture of the car instead of actual seams between the panels. also, the wheel designs on GT4 cars were just sprites, no 3d spokes etc.

    Forza 3 has 400+ cars, each painstakingly modelled with individual panels/headlights/wheels/interiors/etc. they look MUCH better than anything GT4 had to offer, and anyone saying otherwise is a complete and utter fanboy.

  12. This article is pure speculation.

    You wanna know why that car says GT4 on it, it’s because they really made a real life version of it that says GT4 on the side. They don’t need to change the text to GT5 just because of these speculations.

    The fact that GT5 uses a totally new game engine already proves that this is purely false. How can they put models from GT4 to GT5 if it runs on different engines?

    Now the “Upscaling” thing, do you guys think a developer will throw away all of their previous work just to make a new game? They will most likely just enhance and improve what is already there.

    The GT5 to Forza comparisons are bs honestly, it’s not like Turn 10 throws away all of their work just to start on their next iteration. It shouldn’t be a crime to do this at all.

  13. Don’t say “over 1000” cars. It’s “over 200″… I’m sure it’ll be a good game but the 1000 cars thing is just pure bullshit. I knew from the moment they said that number that there’d be some catch, be it DLC or something else, but this is just beyond lame.

  14. I’m laughing at how much you guys are blowing this out of proportion and being ridiculous. Did any of you even notice any of this stuff in the trailers? No, you didn’t. Because within the trailers everything looks ridiculously good — do you know why? BECAUSE IT’S IN MOTION. Lol.

    How many of you plan on playing this game in motion? Oh — All of you? Who would have thought!

  15. Of what I’ve heard all the cars have cockpit views, just that the premium cars have more detail. They even said it on one of the interviews.

  16. What it means with interiors is inside of the hood like the engine details. Standard cars won’t have that since the hood won’t fall since they don’t have deformable exteriors, but they will still have cockpits not as much detail as the premium though. It was clarified in a interview with GT staff on e3.

  17. As long as the Premium cars don’t include Skylines and random Nike cars then I’m fine.

  18. If all cars have cockpit view, game will be purchased on release, without them, no purchase at all.

  19. Only premium cars have cockpit view. Standard cars don’t have cockpit view. What is so hard to understand??? Premium cars were made from scratch. Every single part of a premium car is modeled and detailed( interiors, seats, underneath the car, engine bay, suspension, individual lights, bolts, cup holders etc.). Standard cars are not modeled the same. Standard cars don’t have cockpit view.

  20. starish: use your brain please, 24 hours Le Mans race.. day-night with light stickers they will crash at first curve…

  21. Patrick Steen June 22, 2010 @ 15:47

    @Starish – The texture quality and polygon count is quite significantly lower than the premium cars regardless of your comments about one of the images. Plus, I mentioned it was based on a real-world car.

    @zevehcj – Yes – GTHD was the concept of GT4 being in HD, using GT4 models. GTHD was cancelled and this has only just been shown for GT5.

    @ErickRN – It is Eurogamer that states there won’t be interiors for cockpit view on standard cars. Previous statements have been hazy, but I’d certainly be interested in seeing the interview you reference.

    @Articulator- Naturally it’s “speculation”, but it’s speculation based on research, looking at the facts, and comparing footage. We’ve presented that evidence for you – most clearly in the comparison between GT5 and GT4. PD created high-quality models for GT4 and then put them in the PS2 engine. These models (created on PC) have now been converted for the PS3.

    @Bob – There are over 800 standard cars, over 200 premium cars – over 1000 total.

    And naturally guys, it’s disappointing. But it’s entirely expected – the quality of the premium cars couldn’t possibly be matched for all vehicles in the game.

  22. This game will look awesome no matter if they upscale from GT4 ot not. They will run in the GT5 engine and I cant believe that those standard cars wont have cockpit view, that’s probably a misunderstanding as someone pointed out.

    If I remember correctly, around last years E3 Yamauchi stated that each individual car model took a month to finish by each team on the project. We can assume that those models were the premium cars and if they modeled all 1000 cars that way imagine the enormous manpower needed to finish them all.

  23. @Patrick Steen
    Disappointing?? I’m not disappointed one bit. 200 plus “premium” cars is more than enough. Both GT1 and GT3 had less than 190 cars. Every first GT on the latest playstation always has less cars(for obvious reasons). Also, GT5 is feature packed. New driving physics, damage, day/night transitions, two photo modes, 32 player lobbies, 16 player online races, private track days etc. Plus yesterday track editor, weather, go karts and stunt arena was mentioned as new features(still not confirmed). GT5 looks absolutely amazing.

  24. This still has not been confirmed by Sony yet so until they confirm or deny it I will wait.

    Confirmed all cars WILL have a interior. The Premium cars are just more detailed.

  26. Thank you storm. You make me a very happy person. So again, I will be getting this game on release date. I knew there was no way 800 cars would not have interiors and them using the models from GT4 is fine cause a car will always look the same but GT5 just makes them look super pretty.

  27. I love the GT series as much as much as the next person, but I wish they would not have another oz. of info until the game comes out, because no matter how much you complain about something it’s not going to be implemented or removed before Nov. 2.

  28. @Storm thanks for confirming my suspicions, I knew there was no way that cock-pit view was out for 800 cars.
    @Hoepker Off course nothing will change from now on but you can bet your ass we will only hear and see more and more of GT5 until November and the hype machine is just starting to roll.

  29. They are taking this long to make it and cant make new car models….

  30. Apparently there is still one key feature that has not been released yet.

  31. @SonyJunkie: “using the models from GT4 is fine cause a car will always look the same ”


    using that logic, why dont they just use the models for cars from the original Gran Turismo? lol. they need to redo them to add more polygons and as such more detail. the more polygons there are the more rounded and realistic the cars lines can appear.

  32. hacker13sacker June 25, 2010 @ 22:14

    HOLY S***…thats alot of comments

  33. what about having some gran turismo concept as download cars??,they have some cool cars,,,

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