Happy 10th to PlayStation 2

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Do you remember what you were doing ten years ago? Most of us won’t be able to answer that question, but one company can – Sony. Ten years ago Sony released the second iteration of its PlayStation family with the PlayStation 2. Despite the company’s huge success with PlayStation in general and selling well over 100,000,000 units throughout the world, a lot of skeptics felt that Sony would return to reality and watch the competition — Nintendo and Sega — return to the top two places on the totem pole.

After all, how often does a company move into an established product industry like the gaming world and absolutely destroy the competition while achieving success never seen before by any company before it? It doesn’t happen. However, with the relationships Sony had built with developers and focused on first-party studios, PlayStation 2 was released in prime position to continue Sony’s entire hold on the industry on its way to selling over 135,000,000 units worldwide.

The last ten years has been magical for gamers looking back on it now. If you owned a PlayStation 2 (who didn’t?), you had the opportunity to play near-perfect games like Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 4, Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto (All 3), Madden 2003 (nothing beat online console gaming competitiveness when this happened, admit it), SOCOM (Zipper revolutionized clan FPS gaming on a console), and many more.

To be honest, I could probably sit here and list off over 300 quality games for the PlayStation 2 and still not fit all of the great titles the console had to offer in this post. Why should I do that when I can ask our readers what experience on the PlayStation 2 made it one of the best consoles they’ve ever enjoyed gaming on?

So, I think that’s what I’ll do. In the comment section below — Let us know which games on the PlayStation 2 were the most memorable to you and what experiences in those games stood out further than any other.


For me? I’d have to honestly go with the many all nighters I’d spend with friends playing the Madden and NCAA franchises. Creating your own school in NCAA with a group of friends and simming through the seasons trying to build that next College dynasty while still playing in the same conference as your buddies was always difficult. Especially going after similar recruits. It was on the same level for me as trying to build a team through Madden with them and competing to see who could win the most SuperBowls through solid drafting and trading (PS: Madden needs to bring back the expansion team option).

One key moment I will never forget is establishing a team in NCAA 2003 that was so dominant, I won 167 games in a row with them through just SIMULATING the results. Anyone who has ever played a sports game knows that the computer is going to screw you over eventually if you keep simulating, but my team kept destroying every team in the conference. It was absolutely sick. All of my friends were pissed off and wanted to restart the Dynasty Mode because they had no chance.

Those times were great. It was all about talking friendly trash to one another, laughing and just enjoying gaming for everything it was meant to be — entertainment.

Readers Comments (26)

  1. ah the good old days, so many wonderful times ive had with this console, ps2, was literally my childhood gaming unit, beside the snes, and 64, however most of my gaming went on the ps2.

    in any case happy 10th 🙂

  2. Ahhh, PS2. One of the greatest consoles ever made. Happy birthday.

  3. Holy hell, I can’t fit everything I would want to in a single comment here. Well over 200 hours were sunk into the three GTA’s alone, lol. My first game was the first Midnight Club, followed by Smuggler’s Run.

    My all-time list (no particular order): MGS 2/3, Shadow of the Colossus, GTA San Andreas, Gran Turismo 4, NFL 2K5, NFS Hot Pursuit 2, Midnight Club 3, God of War 1/2, FIFA World Cup 2006, Twisted Metal Black… and I’m sure there’s plenty more I can’t think of off the top of my head.

    Good times!

  4. happy birthday ps2!

  5. w00t w00t, happy b-day PS2!!

    id have to say the PS2 was the greatest console thus far! good to know its still alive!

  6. The time of death of the PS2 is getting near.

  7. Moocows111111 March 4, 2010 @ 20:02

    Okami and Shadow of the Colosus,

    How can anyone not hear about Okami ?
    I clocked 278Hrs 55 Minutes on Okami
    and Clocked 179Hrs 39 Minutes on Shadow of the Colosuss

    Such good good times….. Anyways I’m off to go play my Ps2 again, I’m never going to sell it.

    Of course the 3rd metal gear solid ,Subsistence was my third favourite and ICO is fourth Favourite


    I still am playing games like…. Valkryie Profile 2, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Kingdom Hearts 1/2, GoW 1/2, Sly Cooper, and many others that I cannot remember off the top of my head… Truly, a masterpiece…

  9. 279 hours on Okami?? ive never even played any of the games :\

  10. Damn, it’s gone a long way. All hail the best console ever made!

  11. VofEscaflowne March 4, 2010 @ 21:06

    Crazy to think it’s already been 10 years. I still remember getting all excited for the launch of the PS2 and trying to secure myself a system. It was difficult but I managed to get one and thankfully, it never failed me, lasting until I bought a PS3 in July 2008.

    Tekken Tag Tournament was my first game and provided me with many hours of game play with my friend. Looking at my current collection, it’s actually not that big. The PS2 wasn’t my main console back then actually but the GameCube was something I focused most of my gaming time. But of course, it still introduced me to God of War, two games I absolutely loved and became the main reason to buy a PS3. Kingdom Hearts was a great mix up of Disney and Square Enix characters, giving off great game play and a storyline that was just as interesting as the idea of the game itself. Other memorable titles are Katamari Damacy for its plain wacky fun (and one very late night Christmas Eve with the brother!), Shadow of the Colossus which is just the very definition of the word epic, Metal Gear Solid 3 for creating one of the best cinematic games to date, Odin Sphere for it’s beautiful art style and Final Fantasy X… well, for Final Fantasy :p

    This generation sure has shifted though with Nintendo taking the back seat and the PS3 being my main console. So many terrific games despite the bad rep it received and still has to this day for not having any games. I truly don’t understand how people can stand by that statement today but oh well, they’re the ones missing out.

  12. 10 years of “PS2” and 15 years of “PS1” oh the memories 😀

  13. hmmm, i think by the end of this year…Sony should have made PS2 games downloadable on the PS3 (or at least backwards compatibility for all PS3s), since its the PS2’s 10th b-day and perhaps its last year

  14. In september my ps2 is turning 8 years old yaaay!. My most memorable game moment whit my ps2 is with Final Fantasy X.

    I remember having bought my ps2 with no games (and no memory card). That same afternoon I went to buy FF X and damn, I was impressed. I admit that FF is my personal favorite saga (from VII onwards ’till Dissidia, haven’t played FF XIII) and playing FF X for the first time, the graphics and the fact that it has voices. . . . . It literally blew my mind.

    I remember playing and saying “Wow, these guys actually speak in the middle of the fight. Cool”.

  15. i remember i asked my parents to buy me a Sega Dreamcast, but instead they bought me playstation 2. i was disappointed at that time for Sony never ringed to me as gaming company as Nintendo and SEGA, but oh boy i was wrong I thanked my parents when Sega discontinued Dreamcast, and after that what i enjoyed was the most exhilarating 10 years of gaming experience, and its hard to pin point any one game, Ape Escape, tekken, jak and dexter, final fantasy, ICO, god of war, socom, GTA’s, BLACK but the most i played was Gran Turismo 3 and 4, happy 10 the anniversary to my silver PS2 and old launch Ps2

  16. This console is EPIC,ICONIC,HEROIC I love it and still play on my PS2-pure workdevil,hasn’t fail me since I bough it.I do love to play my God Hand,DMC3 or SFA:Anthology but I sure hope PS3 will be even more successful!!

  17. there are two shering my 1st place list
    god of war 2 and gta san andreas

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PS2!!!! We won baby we won!

  19. wtf? where is MGS up in here?

    MGS2 and 3 were AWESOME (subsistence is a beat)……

    MGS3 is my first….only because MGS2 felt kind of dull….but its understandable….

  20. dang its been 10 years wow thats long imagine the life span of the playstation 3

  21. The best ps2 games for me were all the GTAs, MGS2-3, fahrenheit and medal of honour frontlines and rising sun. I can always remeber the time when my mate would come round and we would go GTA sanAndreas 2 player and try and drive a bus or 18wheeler up Mount Chillad then fling it off the top. Good times 🙂

  22. Ratchet and Clank. My most memorable moments with the PS2 were with R&C. Those games are pretty amazing.

  23. I grew up playing Nintendo consoles, but I got into Sony and I played them both equally.
    PS2 provided me with wonderful new IPs and tons of rpgs. Gamecube was for multiplayer and my love for Mario! Sony and Nintendo is all I need for my gaming. I broke my PS2 about 3 years ago when I was drunk, ahha! My PS3 is 100% backwards compatible, so I still have my collection of great PS2 games. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PS2!

  24. alex aka king of playstaion March 7, 2010 @ 16:08

    happy birthday ps2

    i love all playstations but i think the most fun ive had on any of them was the ps2 back when the only multiplayer i ever knew was when my friends came over with their games and controllers and played ps2 all day. those were the good ol days nowadays its too much about playing online and getting trophies. i just cant get enough trophies

    favorite ps2 games: gta: san andreas (best game ever), gta: vice city, gta 3, sly 1 2 and 3, midnight club 1 2 and 3, the tony hawk series, the need for speed series, and god of war 1 and 2

  25. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 March 7, 2010 @ 20:25

    Happy birthday PlayStation 2

  26. PlayStation 2 was my favorite console of all time, 2nd is N64, Goldeneye and BAd fur day and perfect dark was epic, but too bad theyre now on xbox.

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