Hardlight Working on PS Vita Exclusive

Sega’s new UK studio Hardlight, which was announced back in 2011, is apparently working on a “unique action adventure developed exclusively for PS Vita” that is set to come out later this year.

Hardlight is set in Solihull, West Midlands in the UK and was announced by Sega last June through a jobs listing for a programmer. The studio is made up of key staff that headed Sega Racing Studio before it closed. The job listing stated that Hardlight will be working closely with Sega R&D to “stay at the cutting edge of developments in technology, middleware and game experiences”, and is focused on creating “high quality and innovative experiences for both current and future platforms.”

[Source: Develop Online]

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  1. Exclusive Vita games are a good sign. It’s not riddled with ports and sequels like 3DS. Nothing wrong with ports and sequels, but it shouldn’t be in higher numbers than a new IP on a new device.

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