Heavy Rain European Boxart Revealed

The boxart for Heavy Rain has been revealed, bringing it with the realisation that it won’t be too long until it’s 2010 and Quantic Dream has released their first PlayStation 3 game.

Heavy Rain will be out for the PS3 at some point during the first part of 2010, presumably in February, so Amazon.co.uk has taken the decision to début the game’s European boxart.

Of course, Sony hasn’t confirmed that this is Heavy Rain’s official boxart, but it’s certainly convincing and fits the game’s intriguing detective thriller premise; the search for the origami killer. On the other hand, Amazon.com’s is clearly filler.

Enjoy our Heavy Rain Gallery right after this link.

Oh and by the way, you’ll be hearing more about Heavy Rain very soon…


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  1. Looks amazing! Can’t wait for this game, it’s my most anticipated of ’10. Absolutely adored Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy.

  2. Looks good, I did expect better though.

  3. still not sure about this game- I’m not sure this counts as a game in my book. Just seems like quick time events with very very good graphics. Gimmi god of war 3 anyday.

  4. It’s not really new and/or interesting but it was on the french Amazon website since november.

  5. ShurikenSpammer December 6, 2009 @ 13:08

    I’m hoping that they put a sequence in where you play as the Origami killer for a mission. Seeing the murders from the killers perspective.

    Box art looks great too!

  6. Mantas – I’ve played the game. You should get some hands-on impressions soon.

  7. That’s one of the best box arts I’ve ever seen. Seriously amazing.

  8. David Macphail December 6, 2009 @ 14:01

    Very cool box art for a must – have game. There’s just so many awesome PS3 exclusives coming out next year.

  9. cool box art

  10. LOL…oh my days, it looks sick!

    the water rain is nice!

    just finish this game and release Omikron 2 please

  11. Simple but very nice boxart.

  12. I hope that god of war 3 box cover art that they showed in best buy was filler because i hate it lol but anyway nice boxart cant wait for the game.

  13. Crushing papers FTW!!! lol could not been helped, (sorry for my questionable humor if it irritates anyone), from what i get from this game in my point of view on what i saw as gameplay is just intriguing story telling and some quick/real time button smashing. I might be completely lost so some clarification would be very much appreciated.

    Thnx in advance

  14. @Deedui69
    Yes the game has intriguing story with nice twist. And no this isn’t just button smashing QTE. In fact QTE are good! If you’ve played Shenmue you’ll appreciate it.

    The game plays like a movie, you make certain actions with QTE inputs.
    Like a girl is being attacked by a man in a house. You see a QTE that says R1 to pick up the knife, if you miss, something else will happen. Like the girl could just run upstairs, and more QTE for survival or story option will occur.

    Until the player dies, you’ll experience another characters life linked to the Origami killer.

    This game is one of the unique games ever created, best part is using that CIA glasses. You don’t get this sort of unique gameplay in games nowadays.

  15. The Box art is amazing! the game will surely be great…
    I am still hoping they fix the framerate and face expressions a little bit though, made the game a little awkward to me… ^^’
    but it’s great anyways, isn’t it? =D

  16. Amazing box art.

  17. Grr PS3 sucks….coz there’s so many exclusives….my poor poor wallet!!!

  18. rated 18 is the best art

  19. very original, unline most games that show a guy holding a gun, that gets old quickly

  20. i wish they would have let this boxart be the one for U.S. too : / oh well

  21. yeah the US’s artwork sucks

  22. man its just like a chick with a tank top…..a portly man with a gun…looking like a mobster

    some guy with shades on looking mysterious…and just some fuzzy bastard


    but the US is getting this tho….Playstation blog said they would let us have a high quality pic of this for us to print out or something….its better than nothing i guess

  23. well i hear you can go to a local office place and have them print out a high quality-paper having thing so itll be like a real one…

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