Heavy Rain release date announced with new screenshots

The latest episode of Qore placed Heavy Rain’s US release date way before the game’s presumed European release, but Sony has now come out to correct these rumours with the PS3 game’s official launch date.

HMV and other retailers pinned the game’s UK release date on February 26th, with the rest of Europe falling on 24th February. As for the US, you lucky goomba’s will be getting your hands on the game before the rest of the world on February 23rd.

At least Europe exclusively gets the game’s collector’s edition, with HMV handling the edition in the UK. Well, actually, the US already has this edition’s included dynamic theme and will get the first episode of The Heavy Rain Chronicles by pre-ordering their the game. That leaves only Heavy Rain’s official soundtrack for Europe’s “exclusive” special edition.

And you won’t have to wait until February 23rd to get your hands on the game, with a pre-release demo planned but not yet detailed.

Check out new Heavy Rain screenshots in our gallery.

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  1. I… I… I… still no see the point of this game… Is this a Second Life or something? Where’s the fun part of the game? What’s the objective? What kind of game is this? MMORPG? RPG?

  2. @gringro no nothing like that do some research its an action game with unique controls and storyline

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