Heavy Rain was more sexually explicit before the cut

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Heavy Rain reportedly had some of its content cut before it hit the shelves. Of course, it was only a limited selection of content, but Sony did indeed make Quantic Dream reign in some of the game’s more extreme imagery. Shower nudity and a certain sex scene were all censored to please the platform holder.

In an interview with UPSBlogIt.com, ex-Quantic Dream developer Alexandre Roche explains what exactly had to be cut for the game to safely meet age ratings (minor spoilers):

“They [Sony] just asked us to hide some nudity during the showers or the love scene. They also asked us to hide the death of Jason Mars. But I guess there were no other changes between the David Cage’s original version and the final version.”

As for the death of Jason Mars, which happens very early on in the game, Roche adds that the scene was originally much more extreme:

“Actually the animation wasn’t so different. In the uncensored scene, after the car accident Jason started rolling on the road for a while. It was quite violent scene considering that a child was involved in it.”

As for the sex scenes, UPSBlogIt pointed out that Heavy Rain wasn’t quite as explicit as Quantic Dream’s previous video game, Farenheit. Roche explains why this is the case:

“I guess that’s more a question of exclusivity. Farenheit was playable on PS2, Xbox and PC, so Quantic Dream could choose Atari to publish the game. Heavy Rain is only on PS3, so we had to follow Sony’s rules. As they want to give access […] to the most players they can, Heavy Rain’s sex scene is less explicit than Farenheit’s sex scene. And that’s a shame because Madison has a really great body…!”

That she does Roche, that she does. Heavy Rain has now sold over one-million copies, intriguing gamers with its emotionally heavy themes.

Readers Comments (9)

  1. They couldn’t just include an uncensored option? Hell, even Call of Duty has that.

  2. i think down the line SONY should release an uncensored version of the game, or maybe a patch, besides i like the game in its current form.

  3. -_- man thats ghetto….perhaps thell release a patch…or something….thats a bit ghetto…

    i mean DI showed wayyyy more than this….amongst other games

  4. You bunch of perverts 😀

  5. Moocows111111 April 15, 2010 @ 21:02

    Seriously guys, Sony asked Quantum to cut those out because then you’d get alot of complaints from the video Game Activists, you know the people who bash on videos game because they are either too sexual or violent to be released to the public.

  6. @Candyman: not just boobies (no big deal, theyre just boobs dammit) but jason’s death

    @moocows: man, screw the activists….they can be really epping annoying
    come on activists, priorities. Did you not notice the saw series (and also. uhhh….the game)?

    /facepalm @ the activists

  7. Nudity and violence in games doesnt bother me so shame they cut it. The game is still great without the cuts and the shower scenes i thought we revealing enough as they were

  8. Neither of the things cut would have changed the game one bit.

  9. cna training June 2, 2010 @ 23:28

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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