Incredible Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II launch trailer

What a great way to hype up a fantastic looking game!

LucasArts has released an explosive new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II as part of the game’s upcoming launch. The video provides a synopsis of the story through CGI cut-scenes. Also, the trailer features incredible looking gameplay footage throughout. Check out the trailer below.

For those of you who are Star Wars collectors, be sure to check out the newly limited edition watches for the game here. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is slated to release October 28.

Readers Comments (2)

  1. Its good but, not incredible. The graphics are not very impressive. Some of the animation is good, the use of his powers are good but when robots are destroyed, the animation is not so impressive.

  2. lucasarts is known for making trailers that are better than the games

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