Infinity Ward continues to step on fans in latest dialogue

The Best Buy Community had the opportunity to talk with Mackey McCandlish and Ryan Lastimosa from Infinity Ward and the answers to the questions posed didn’t exactly do anything to repair the relationship that Infinity Ward damaged with the PC community. I’ve included some of the excerpts below, but you can check it all out at the source.

“We feel the PC game is great in it’s current form. We put a lot of work into IWnet in an effort to make the PC experience better for our users. We believe MW2 is better than CoD4:MW.  The reason exists is to improve the gameplay for our users. If there is a need for something more in the future we will address as needed. Our goal is to provide the best experience for our users, so nothing is ever “off the table”. We are always evaluating our options.”

“All I can say is that we changed it to make it a better and easier experience. Also, not all of the [178,000] names on that list are legit. 402 signed it 4 times I heard.”

“Games cap out at 9v9. The software has great latency tolerance.”

I’m kind of disappointed that 9-on-9 gaming is the cap, would have been happier with a 12-on-12 limit, but we’ll see how it goes upon release next week.


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  1. They say they’ve made it better…but don’t completely say how.

  2. “Also, not all of the [178,000] names on that list are legit. 402 signed it 4 times I heard.” so 177,396 are legit then, oh well that’s muuuuch better!

    • Claiming that 402 signed it four times only shows the respect the company has for its gamers.

  3. The game is 9v9? Aren’t most 16v16??

  4. make a game from scratch and dont fuck youre loyal supporters in up the ass Infinity Ward

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