Infinity Ward Hates the Console War

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Robert Bowling, Community Manager for Infinity Ward’s upcoming title, Modern Warfare 2, has gone on record saying that the console war taking place between the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 makes developers angry.

“The console wars really anger me”

“I’m pretty vocal. I’m a gamer and I speak with them a lot whether via twitter or the forums and I’m not afraid to let them know when they’re just being ridiculous. Whether it’s gameplay stuff or whatever, you just have to explain it to them. Most of the time, they’re just misinformed. What they’re saying may sound completely ridiculous, but it’s most often because they just don’t know how stuff works and when you explain it to them, they’re usually like, ‘oh yeah, that makes sense’”.

But when it comes to the whole ‘my console is better than yours’ fanboyism, it’s a different story. “I was talking to this one guy recently”, he recalls “He was a very angry PS3 user. Angry because he was like ‘why aren’t you talking about the PS3 version?’ and I’m like, NO, we’re talking about the GAME, not the 360 version. Just the fact that we have to explain that. Seriously. Calm down, and just look at this. The game is equal on every platform, so when we talk about a feature of the game it applies to the game as a whole. The console wars really anger me because so much effort goes into ensuring the game is the same on each platform.”

Fortunately, we agree with him. The console war is a joke in its entirety and the only people it truly hurts is the game. Instead of being able to enjoy all of the great titles out there this generation, gamers pick and choose sides and miss out in taking part in some of the best gaming available. While the console war isn’t going anywhere, it’s good to know that some of us can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Readers Comments (15)

  1. Meh, I only had the time // money to buy one console, and I waited until I could get the PS3, because I had been with Sony from the beginning, and I didn’t want to pay for online, in all honesty.

    The console war is just a bit of entertainment. Most of the people watching the videos on youtube about the different systems are primarily there to be entertained … The people who’re complaining about the console war should just keep to themselves, because we’re not hurting you, and (most of the time) it’s just between a few people on youtube.

    The angry ones usually just troll, and their comments are easily ignored.

    I’m personally having fun in this “console war”, and I think this gen of rivalry is turning out to be the most entertaining of the rest of them, because there are some real arguments, with both parties recognising the other as a rival.

  2. The console war is for entertainment and also to slightly influence the behavior of consumers, publishers, and developers. Personally I don’t like this mentality, “so much effort goes into ensuring the game is the same on each platform”. Multiplatform games being equal on all systems is a relatively new trend. Fuck that shit. I think so much effort should go into making each version of the game push the platform its being developed on to the limit. The reverse seems like a cop-out to me.

  3. really so that is why the 360 version is getting a some map packs the ps3 isnt that makes sense definitely??? really well i guess that would make the 360 version with worse graphics and all that other crap wrong with it well now i guess that makes sense but thats not much effort that is all bull crap

  4. @Mokinto Agreed. If they really hated the console they wouldnt do that map pack stuff so yeah the guy is full of crap period.

  5. Console war is pathetic. We all know this, but indeed Infinity Ward is being a bit hypocritical here. Xbox LIVE gets the map packs first? hmmmm….? I agree fanboys need to fuck off.

  6. It’s true PS3 is the superior console w/ the better graphics and more bang for your buck but the 360 and Wii do still have some great games that need to be played.

  7. I agree that the developer is full of it. The thing about the console war is the 360 owners started it with their constant PS3 bashing before it even came out. So in my opinion, PS3 fans, not fanboys, are simply defending our console of choice and educating the 360 fans/fanboys of the PS3s superior capabilities at the same time.

  8. Couldn’t care less.Infinity Ward is fuckin incredible.Cant wait


  9. Lol who cares. Solidrev, Truth and everyone else is in the console war pick sides and they rep this site. They do it all in good reason though. I personally do not see anything on the 360 that interest me when it comes to the games. With that said, I do not feel as if I’m missing out on anything. Pointless rant in my opinion. Cant get mad at us for liking the ps3 for its games and reliable software alone. I support the Wii, and the Ps3. With the 360s history I see no reason to support such a console.

  10. @Wip3ou7, very well said.

  11. @ Monkinto, KYKE2068, Vaten, anyone else that thinks the same way.
    You have to rememeber that Infinity Ward didn’t wake up one morning and just say “Hey, how about we give the Xbox 360 the DLC Map Packs first!” Unless you have hard evidence, which you will never have, Infinity Ward is just another company, who at the end of the day, care about their profit. Microsoft PAID them for the DLC – unless you can prove otherwise. It’s all just business. Yea, I agree, It SUCKS but you can go blame Microsoft for that. It’s how the world works, unfortunetly we just have to accept that.
    The “console war” is meant to be fun and entertaining, but their have been people who get to excited for their own good. Obviously the “war” doesn’t help the developers, I mean – you have some people who won’t even buy Activision products because they said something mean about the PS3. Grow up. People should just be gamers; they get the best out of both sides. You can hate the other console, but if it stops you from playing a great game (which the Xbox 360 has many off) or even stops you from supporting a company which you were fine with before, then you should think about laying of the forums and even playing some PC games (experiences which are unmatched by any console to date).

  12. The reason we should not be angry but actually glad there are console wars (which are being waged with wallets, not guns) is that competition benefits the consumer… we the gamers.

    Gamers who cannot buy more than one console have to validate their purchase by following the route of brand loyalty. But in the end most gamers get 2 or 3 consoles to ensure they have the option to get access to the best games.

    Do we suffer that Xbox games get more lead development and are then ported to PS3? Maybe. Do I find Xbox Live worth my dollars to play online easily while chatting in parties? Yes. Would I spend money having that on both consoles? No, it’s redundant. Does it make a difference which version I buy if DLC content is available first on Xbox if MS spends the $$$ to get it? Unfortunately, yes.

  13. Infinity Ward themselves fuel the console war.

  14. @CBR600RR101 Yeah thats what i said i know they are getting paid for it so its their best interest to take the money obviously. but my point is if why make a statement saying you hate console war when you are doing some thing to fuel its just a BS statement.

  15. I have to live by 360 fanboys all around, i try to defend a ps3 and they yell at me, honestly. i was with sony since ps1 so i choose their consoles instead. i just wonder why 360 got map packs first.

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