Inside the Game: FIFA 10/Pint Shot Riot

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PS University: Electronic Arts has a knack for picking up great talent early in order to throw them into video games to get their name out there. What was it like being approached by such a large video game publisher knowing that your music was going to be heard by millions of people for sure?

Baby Dave: It was a shock at first, because we play Fifa and other E.A games just like anyone else and were aware of the scale of the opportunity. Now we just feel grateful that E.A were able to notice us and have shown faith in us.

PS University: Rocket worked in a local pub that featured a ton of football firms. To be honest, Green Street Hooligans is one of my all time favorite movies. What are some of the craziest things you guys have witnessed between two firms?

BD: Well, obviously you’d have to ask Rocket that one but when we were kids it
was fairly common to see a running battle in the streets if a local derby
was on, like Aston Villa or Birmingham City. Thankfully things have calmed
down a lot these days but I don’t think it will ever go away completely.

PS University: You and Rob seemed to join the band a bit down the road. When you guys first met one another and you demo’d for the group, did you just know that this was going to be the two guys that completed PSR?

BD: Well, when I first jammed with Rocket and Mini I knew they had something
special about them and that if I hooked up with them we could make something
strong. I think at the time it was a good fit because I’d been playing for a
while and they were fairly new to it, Rocket was writing these amazing songs
and we just bounced off each other. As for Rob, we weren’t sure what to make
of him until he pulled out his custom-made half Strat, half S.G guitar! I
thought that was a sign he took his music seriously and when he showed his
skills we grabbed him! It became obvious as soon as we started to write
music together that we had found a perfect combination.

PS University: PSR is mainly about inspiration, hope, and positive lyrics. This is a breath of fresh air considering the negativity and boastfulness surrounding most musical lyrics these days. What events prompted the decision making to take the band in that direction?

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BD: I don’t think we made any decision specifically to aim in that direction, I
just think maybe we’d agree with you that boastfulness and negativity don’t
always make for good music.I prefer listening to music that makes me feel
positive or happy. Life is too short to write songs about all the rubbish
things in life!

PS University: In FIFA 10, you can create your own Virtual Pro on the pitch. If you guys were creating yourself in the game, what position would you be playing and what type of player would you be? Would any of you be pure cry babies/divers like Cristiano Ronaldo?

BD: Haha! No, English players try to stay on their feet and not be divers! We
play in parks up and down the country every weekend here and it is not
considered a very manly thing to roll around clutching your leg every two
minutes! Our drummer is a pretty good striker and he tells me last weekend
he scored two goals he can’t remember, he was still so drunk from the night
before! As for virtual pro, I’d be a central midfielder so I could get
involved as much as possible.

PS University: Were you boys more excited to be featured in Sims 3 for the PC (also a very large following) or to be featured in FIFA 10, your country’s number one sport, football?

BD: Although we are aware of how huge Sims is, we don’t really play it that much
but we do play fifa and so do our friends so I’d say Fifa. We keep getting
mates message us saying things like “oh my god, I can’t believe I’m playing
Fifa listening to you!” which is really cool!

PS University: Which teams do you guys support on the pitch? Do you have any inner rivalries that sometimes come between you guys or do you all support the same team?

BD: Well, as the three of us come from Coventry, we support Coventry City F.C
but Rob is from a town 40 minutes down the road and he supports Birmingham
City. These two teams are local rivals so when they play we can get into a
little heated debate on the issue!

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    In all honesty, I thought the soundtrack for 2010 was disappointing.
    Not saying that this song is bad, one of the better songs on the list.

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