Year-to-Date Hardware Sales Compared

So as the year approaches its close, and before the Decemeber rush comes in, we thought it best to give this year’s hardware sales a comparison.

With many calling 2009 the year of the PS3, Sony’s console has enjoyed a number of critically successful video games and with the launch of a cheaper and slimmer system, the machine has grabbed the attention of consumers.

However, in the month of November, the Xbox 360 had a surprise win over the PS3 in the US despite Sony’s console achieving a very successful Thanksgiving week. So what’s it looking like in the US for the year?

2009 Year-to-Date NPD US Hardware Sales (in millions):

  • Nintendo Wii – 5.78 (-27.9%)
  • Xbox 360 – 3.46 ( +5.0%)
  • PlayStation 3 – 2.97 ( +5.5%)
  • Nintendo DS – 7.88 (+14.0%)
  • PSP – 1.84 (-34.5%)

As you can see, the Xbox 360 has an overall lead over the PS3 by some 500,000 units. Though the PS3’s year over year growth (in brackets) is higher, Microsoft’s console is not far behind. And even though the Nintendo Wii is experiencing a slower year, the home console is still far above the others. Oh and the DS is having an absolute blinder.

But this isn’t the whole story. What about Japan? The PS3 has been taking off in 2009, often out performing the Nintendo Wii week on week.

2009 Year-to-Date Media Create Japan Hardware Sales (in millions):

  • Nintendo Wii – 1.27
  • PlayStation 3 – 1.26
  • Xbox 360 – 0.31
  • PSP – 1.86
  • Nintendo DS – 3.22

The Wii and PS3 are incredibly close and with the advent of Final Fantasy XIII just around the corner, we expect Sony’s console to take the top spot in the East this year. When combined with the above NPD US numbers, you get the following result:

2009 Year-to-Date Harware Sales NPD and Media Create combined (in millions):

  • Nintendo Wii – 7.05
  • Xbox 360 – 3.77
  • PlayStation 3 – 4.23
  • Nintendo DS – 11.10
  • PSP – 3.70

With only Japan added onto the numbers, the PS3 takes a little leap frog over the Xbox 360, showing that the US doesn’t account for everything. Of course, there’s Europe and others, but we sadly don’t have reliable numbers for those territories. A little website known as VGChartz bumps the PS3’s lead upto almost two million units over the Xbox 360 in 2009, so some may still call it the “year of the PS3,” whatever that means. The real question is, what the hell is happening to the PSP?

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  1. lol japanese people are wise

  2. what happening?? sony dont listen!!! high price = no sales. i read a thread on another forum that said that the go is cheaper to make than the 3000 models. so what the hell is going on with that? is what i want to know.

  3. The japenese do no what they doing, there all 4 the ps3 which is how damn america should be. I guess we just like it cheap oO

  4. @ jake. not realy 360 is a good console. i think its more of the ps3 has alot of rpg’s around that area that are yet to hit us. the ps3 has the rpg’s in the bag there. and here it is just neck and neck. i think that has somthing to do with japan. they have all the games we do + more rpgs

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