EA is planning a Subscription Service

Today, a survey started circulating around specific circles that details a possible subscription service plan being put in place by none other than Electronic Arts. As some of you may recall, EA came under fire last year when the company started charging a $10 fee to used gamers in order to access online features if the game was bought second-hand.

This new subscription plan is speculated to hit both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but a price has yet to be determined.

One of the coolest features within these subscription plans is the ability to fully download titles before they hit retail shelves. This would be a huge deal for yearly EA Sports buyers of games like Madden NFL and FIFA.

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  1. Just another subscription service, that’s all… I really love gaming, but really I can’t wait until this shit blows up in their faces! What happens when these companies tap us (the money well) dry?

    Lol a video game company is NOT going to get a Government bail out that’s for sure.

  2. fuck you EA! u can shove Madden and your subscription service up your ass. I’m not giving you money hungry mother fuckers another cent of my money, which is too bad cus Battlefield 3 was looking pretty good. But BF3 can go fuck themselves as long as they’re still being published by this horrible company.

  3. yeah because $10 per year is a huge amount that no one can absolutely afford. that is less than lunch for a single day, c’mon ppl!

  4. @Woae

    Yea 10 dollars a year to download a title that costs them less to produce. Cost of the game should be less since its a digital download.

    Just because its a small amount doesn’t make it right, as small amounts tend to add up. And the more gamers like you say its okay the more the will nickel and dime us.

    Look at xbox… all the fans justified and said its okay cuz its only so many pennies a day…. so then Microsoft raises the prices to make a few extra bucks.

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