Is This The End of Ratchet and Clank?

CNN recently reported that Ratchet and Clank developers Insomniac is ready to bring a close on the beloved franchise.

In an interview with Brian Allgeier, the creative director of the series has stated “Never say never, but people need that closure,” Allgeier said. “We hope to be wrapping things up with a bow.”

While that may not indicate the certain end of the franchise but it seems like Insomniac wants to at least put it on break and make fans crave for another game then anything else.

Whatever happens to Ratchet and Clank at least we can say it’s been an awesome ride and we can’t see what Insomniac has for us next.


Readers Comments (3)

  1. As much as I love R&C games, its time for Insomniac to move on to a new franchise. I’d welcome a new platformer from them, or maybe a new FPS? Anything really…

  2. I don’t mind them making new franchises but keep Ratchet around he’s a Playstation Icon.

  3. I’d hate to see R&C go. But if they had to finish the franchise, it’d be interesting if they made one final game, not having to do with the Future series. One final game with online multiplayer this time, and maybe all the past villains of each game teaming up to defeat R&C. That would be an amazing close to the series.

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