“It only does everything,” is paying off for Sony

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“It only does everything,” has quickly become the franchise slogan for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and it’s usually accompanied by a clever advertisement from Kevin Butler as well. While some will disagree that the PS3 can do everything (like Other OS), it’s hard to disagree that the new ad campaign has done anything other than help Sony move consoles at an alarming rate.

According to Peter Dille, the new ad campaign is pushing consoles off of shelves at a rate of over 100% in comparison to previous years and months.

“The campaign is working to drive hardware sales,” he said. “PlayStation 3 sales are up 184 percent in the three months following the price drop, and while a lot of that has to do with price itself, we know from research that consumers are more educated as well.”

“Purchase intent went from 19 percent prior to the price drop, to 36 percent after this campaign started. And we’ve also tracked our competitors and they’ve fallen during the same time.”

However, Dille realizes that Sony’s campaigns haven’t always had the same success as the previously mentioned jewel. Instead, he understands that when the PlayStation launched, the “White room” advertisements were definitely worthy of a “wtf” moment from people viewing them.

“We get questions about the white room and the baby ad quite a bit. That whole campaign was to get people to say ‘What the […]? I need to understand more about what this is,’ ” he said. “That whole campaign was really about power and the power the PS3 has. But what we found was that this whole positioning was a bit intimidating to people. Our research also showed that Sony could be perceived as arrogant.”

It’s obvious that arrogant is one way to describe Sony’s attitude through the early stages of this generation of consoles, but the company definitely has turned it around quite nicely.

So long as they continue to push Kevin Butler and the slogan that they’ve coined, I think the consoles will continue to sell well and consumers will continue to grow in understanding of what the console offers.

What do you guys think?

Readers Comments (10)

  1. Price is #1 and games are # 2, all else will fall in place. ” It only does everything” does get to the point and with the humour of Kevin Butler, makes it a sucess.

  2. lol yeah that white room did indeed make everyone go “wtf??” but it didnt make people want to learn more lol.

    well at least theyve found a nice little slogan and the kickass kevin butler……are they….unstoppable??

  3. Sony had a crying baby ad? I’ve gotta see this.

  4. Yeah Initial Ps3 adverts were disaster Crying Doll was the one, then there was one in the motel or something people blowing up stuff, that one was the worst of all, besides those notable few i loved many of them e.g. Cell, Sixaxis Egg, Bluray, Rubik cube then there was one octopus Tentacle advert. But have to agree Kevin Butler out did every other ad campaign for PS3 or for the matter of fact for any other console.

  5. i thought it was that blank white room that blew stuff up? or was that the Venom-esque thing that slung swords and clips of games at the screen?

  6. No i have that commercial stored on my ps3, titled as “this is living”, in video bunch of people are fantasizing about the lives they wish they had, or the lives they no longer live. that was the worst of all, followed by “Double life”

  7. Moocows111111 April 6, 2010 @ 15:55

    “Sony had a crying baby ad? I’ve gotta see this.”

    No don’t its pretty bad, I mean seriously it really does make Sony look like arrogant douches, while in fact Microsoft is XD

    Comparing the new Campaign to the old one, I can safely say that Kevin Butler is my Hero

  8. @taus90: LOL dood that sounds patheticall awesome, ima download it

    @Moocows: lol dood if its that bad then i must watch it! but i think Sony can be arrogant AFTER they totally plow MS to the ground…i like ballsy people

  9. I like the slogan. the ps3 does do most stuff and the kevin butler adverts are great. the original promotion was bad but looks like sony has sorted it out now which is a gd thing for ps3 to help drive sales

  10. my favourite add would be crash bandacoot for psone hilarious!! hes standing outside of nintendo yelling sht at mario so funny

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