Jaffe brings up excellent points about installs, updates, and more

The Game Developer’s Conference is currently going down in San Francisco and that usually means that developer’s who create video games are in town letting people know what they think about the current state of the industry and where it’s headed. One of the most outspoken individuals who meet that criteria is David Jaffe and he took no reserve in ultimately explaining why portable gaming is growing and what developers need to do in order to stopĀ  “annoying” console gamers all of the time.

Jaffe was one of the speakers at a panel yesterday and GamesIndustry.biz has reported on how Jaffe feels that things such as installs, game updates and start-up times are starting to annoy gamers to the point where they just don’t bother gaming.

“Portable game time is going way up, but why? Those of us in the console space are actually making choices that push our customers away. The time it takes to power on your console and be in the game playing takes too damn long.

“The gap of time from pressing on to actually beginning to play is getting longer and it’s annoying customers. Cut scenes, installs, updates, load times, system boot up times – a lot of the stuff can be designed around,” he said.

“For me there are times I’ve wanted to play a new console game but I just don’t because I don’t want to deal with all the ramp up time. Maybe that makes me lazy but look at all the other stuff that’s competing right now for my leisure time.”

Of course, pointing all of this out is great only if Captain Hindsight as a solution to the problem that is logical and perhaps even possible, correct? Don’t worry, Jaffe has a couple of suggestions and while all of them are great and would be welcoming to all gamers — I’m going to bet a lot of money none of them are included with his upcoming Twisted Metal title either.

“What about if you have a disc in the system and there’s a save file on the hard-drive for that disc, the instant I power up it shows me a prompt and says, ‘Do I want to go to my latest save?’ If I say ‘yes’ it bypasses everything – hardware logo, dashboard, XMB, game logos – all of it, and I’m in the game much faster.

“Another thing is why can’t, if it’s technically possible, I have a sleep mode on my consoles like I do on my Mac and I do on my game devices? All I have to do is hit a switch and within seconds I’m back in the game.”

Maybe one day the industry will be this simple — but I doubt it.

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  1. The man speaks the truth.

  2. Hopefully one of the console manufacturers is listening.

  3. This is another reason I love this guy. He is not just a dev, he is a gamer and wants to make games better for the end user. This is all truth. When I turn on my system to play a game, sometimes I get lost in the XMB by checking the PS Stor or seeing I have a movie saved and I want to watch it. The XMB does have the potential to pull gamers from the reason they turned on the console. So have a sleep mode or an instant start from last save would be frickin genius.

  4. i cant realy agree whith the download and instal taking 2 long considering that newer games like uncharted2 and gow3 as masive as they are still require no instal and dont load if you play them from start to finish
    but otherwise yea, theres no need to force a 25h story into a 15h game, mass effect2 4 example has you doing hacs, bypases, runing around for datapads, buying probest to scan planets, whitch just anoys me since it hults me from experience all the good stuff about the game

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