Jaffe: “God of War III best game I’ve played in years”

David Jaffe left his baby long ago, acting as only consultant on God of War III while he’s busy working on his own studio’s first PlayStation 3 game. For him, playing Sony Santa Monica’s latest game has been a “very cool learning experience,” since he’s been able to look at his baby from an outside perspective for the very first time. Jaffe explains on his blog:

“But it being a great game aside, it is an AMAZING and RARE game design learning opportunity. To play a game based on your initial design formula that you had nothing to do with is eye opening! Because for the first time, I can actually see how the game/God Of War formula feels to a normal player! Before this, I could only go off reviews and player reactions and guesses in terms of gauging just what the game really was and how it felt to play.

You can try to imagine that experience when you make the game but since you know it so intimately, you never really know what it feels like for a normal member of the audience. You never know how others are actually experiencing it. Now I get to see and know and experience that! What a very cool learning opportunity!”

Following this post, Jaffe has now updated his blog with the news that he’s finished the game, and since he had little to do with God of War III we can only advise you to take his following words as sincere:

“Just finished GOD OF WAR III! WOW! What a ride! Thanks Sony Santa Monica for the best game I’ve played in years! Fucking loved it ya’ll! Congrats! It deserves to go super nova!”

There’s certainly a lot of excitment in that comment and though he’ll no doubt soon expand upon those thoughts, he did have this to say on the game’s presentation and production:

“I can say now that visually and production wise, I really don’t think there has EVER been a game that has executed at this level! Presentation and production wise, this is a crazy ass bar raising simply staggering game! And the execution of the story telling process? F***ing fantastic (amazing opening credits)! Amazing job all around!”

God of War III releases exclusively for the PlayStation 3 later this month and if you can’t wait to see it, enjoy this GameTrailers blow-out and our God of War III gallery.

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  1. Well Jaffe is my favorite dev and hearing this about my favorite game is very pleasing and just makes me want to play it so much more.

  2. everyone that plays this game says it is the most epic game ever…who am i to disagree?
    cant wait for this

  3. Santa Monica yet again outdone themselves. What an amazing devs.

  4. VofEscaflowne March 7, 2010 @ 14:03

    I’m not sure if I should be excited in hearing this or expecting it because it’s David Jaffe. Yeah, he doesn’t have as big of a role as he did in the previous games but it’s still a game he had a big part with so it only seems natural that he has some sort of attachment to it. Of course I’m sure it will be amazing, there’s no doubt there 😉 But hearing it from him won’t increase my hype much. Oh, screw it, I WANT IT NOW!

  5. Moocows111111 March 7, 2010 @ 14:33

    Maybe this is Ploy to get alot of Hype into this game, the hype to this gaeme is probably on par wit the hype for Mw2.

  6. wow
    i hope ill be enjijing it as much as he did

  7. me to, the game was so badass, one of the best games ive ever played!

  8. wow, not bad ehh? but idk…the demo looked nice and all but the gameplay feels bland :\

    i cant help it 🙁

  9. Patrick Steen March 7, 2010 @ 15:35

    The gameplay will be far from bland. The demo only included two weapons, no puzzles and no boss fights. So get ready for a crazy ride.

  10. Dante’s Infern is better

  11. @ggg: YOU LIE!

    I’ve gotta say, the closer to release, the more hyped I get.

  12. Damn. I’m starting to change my mind about getting it on day 1.

  13. BEAST!

  14. I’m pretty sure God Of war 3 will be Game Of The Year. and if that is true, XBOX and Microsoft should be ashamed because its the second time. remember Uncharted 2 was Game Of The Year 2009. Maybe Granturismo 5 too if its released this year. they keep delaying Granturismo 5.

  15. @patrick: yeah i know…but i cant help but feel the core gameplay is (for the most part) the same. I know, i know: dont fix it if it isnt broken….but still…as ive only beaten CoO (i know right? i should be castrated for not beating GoW1 and 2), i already feel kind of bored of GoW’s gameplay 🙁

    The thing that really intrigues me are the bossfights and the epicness of it all. I may buy it later (already bought HR….and i probably will buy 1 more game between now and summer break LOL) tho.

    and if i fall in love with GoW3 (that is, IF), i may buy the GoW Collection…..seeing as its already only 30!

  16. XxTYxCRAZYxX March 7, 2010 @ 22:26

    see even Jaffe thinks good the creator! This article just screams GAME OF YEAR. who else thinks it needs the game of title ?

  17. It’s obviously a marketing move but at the same time, a honest opinion (Two birds right?).

    Based on what I’ve seen, GOW III has indeed raised the bar. Interestingly, for the past 2 years we’ve seen PS3 rising the bar (With Uncharted 1 followed by MGS4), so yeah, I’m super excited about this game.

  18. if i can make a right analogy this is like Vince Carter raised the bar too high in the dunk contest….lol…..i cant wait for this game, I past 1 and 2 and i have the reservation for 3 sinse last year, wow!!!!!! jut cant wait….

  19. Big mouth jaffe praising God of War?


  20. How is this news? Why are you posting news about a random blog post on the internet?

  21. this game is gonna be so epic

  22. @20: Because it’s Jaffe’s blog, not some “random” blog?

  23. If anyone has a valid opinion on a game, it’s definitely the guy who dreamed up the franchise to begin with, and he’s definitely got viewing the game from a perspective that no one else shares (except I guess Cory Barlog). With the reviews backing up Jaffe’s excitement, my anticipation is at an all-time high.

    Bring it!

  24. He certainly knows how to help promote the game ;). I really wish i could buy this game but my friends getting it so i wont miss out 🙂

  25. I dont know but Jaffe has been saying great things to say about the game it feels a bit biased, but again he has expressed that he is playing this game for the first time as a gamer not as a developer, i remember how i felt when i played GoW1 and 2. so Jaffe please don’t rub it in, as u got the hold of an early copy. have mercy

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