Keep the Final Fantasy VII remake hints rolling

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This has probably been a well kept secret, but in case you haven’t heard, a lot of the Square team from the past would love to remake Final Fantasy VII. I know, it’s incredible information that hasn’t been cheaply tied to the end of a fishing pole like bait for fanboys and the like to continually push the remake rumors over any edge in sight.

As we continue with the leading on of a remake, Final Fantasy XIII director, Motomu Toriyama, continues the speculation in a recent interview with Siliconera. The director not only reveals which game he’d like to remake most, but also lets on that if the man power is there, they’d probably be able to go ahead and do it. We suggest you keep holding your breath.

“If we had the manpower and the time to work on a project, if we were to remake Final Fantasy VII with the quality of Final Fantasy XIII it would become a tremendous project,” Toriyama continued. “If we can get the number of people we need by all means that would be the one I would really want to remake.”

The question now remains, how many of you still believe a remake is in the works? Buehler?

Readers Comments (10)

  1. All I can say is that if they ever did do an honest remake, we could hopefully begin to educate the fanboys less than 20 years old on what the game is about, rather than them blindly following a game they’ve never played. Seriously, back when I was in high school I knew this kid who cosplayed as Cloud and he said he’d never even played the game. I wouldn’t mind a remake, but it’s one of those things that can only be experienced one time.

  2. VofEscaflowne March 19, 2010 @ 09:31

    I don’t care as much when they remake games that were originally in 3D and just give it a face lift. What I’d love to see is Final Fantasy VI remade on the PS3 just to see these characters rendered in 3D and how the whole world would be brought to life. Then again, there’s always the fear that they’ll screw everything up, add in useless content, remove some, butcher the music, etc etc :p VI is a masterpiece as it is but it would be quite the game if done right as a remake. Perhaps more people would get to experience it then and see how superior it is to VII 😉

  3. I would like this but not going to hold my breath on it. Completely remaking a game is a big task and can understand why they need the man power to get something like this off te ground.

  4. While I would love to see a remake of the game. I could never feel as how I felt all those years ago when I first began my adventure in Midgar. Everything was so Original and I admit it was on the list of one of my first games ever played for Playstation so I was fairly new to the world of PS games, especially rpg’s.

    Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t want a remake. I would love to see FFVII with visuals like FFXIII.

  5. As much as I’d love to see it, I don’t think an HD remake of the game would get too high scores given the battle system, whic is ages behind. RPGs today have evolved, and playing such an old school JRPG might throw some off. If they remade the battle system, I’d say go for it.

  6. Moocows111111 March 19, 2010 @ 12:12

    I’D like to see it but FFVII was and IS good as it is now, but it’ll be interesting to see how much they are going to either screw it up or remake it into something it was visually meant out to look like.

  7. I still haven’t finished FF7, don’t stone me all at once now, I had N64 before getting PS1. I’m working on it since I dl it from Playstation Store, but with so many great titles this year I haven’t got the time to play it recently. As for the remake, just keep everything the same and just update the visuals and audio only. Don’t mess up something that’s already great to start with.

  8. I never played FFVII (I had a N64 during that gen), so a remake would be nice. It would probably only fit on Blu Ray, though.

  9. @Thorzilla – I don’t mind the battle system too much, though updating it would be better.

    I’d love to play a remake. I’ve tried playing it a few times in the past, but the game’s visuals are just too much to handle in this day and age, lol.

  10. omg nomura, what a damn tease!

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