Keighley: You’ve seen GOWIII, wait until you see what Sony has next

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Well, that’s not a direct quotation, but it appears to sum up what GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley is teasing on his twitter feed. So, hands up if you saw GameTrailers’ God of War III special? Yes? Excellent. No? If you’re happy to be spoiled a little, go and do yourself a favour and enjoy the epicness of Sony Santa Monica’s latest PlayStation 3 effort.

Now that you’ve done that, you’ll be eager to know whether Sony’s first party studios can top the game with something new. In a reply to the following question; “can’t believe how amazing God of War 3 looks. Sony’s first party developers really seem like they’re on another level!” Geoff Keighley tweets:

“Wait until you see what they are doing next….very soon on GTTV!”

Now we’re going to presume that Keighley is talking about a new game from Sony’s first party studios, due to the context of the quotation. Sony will also be holding their Destination PlayStation event in the near future, which often holds its own exclusive game announcements before E3, meaning that their could be more to Keighley’s tweet than you might at first thought. However, although Keighley could be teasing the announcement of a new PS3 title, to be featured on GameTrailers TV very soon, this could be a red herring, so take it with a pinch of salt.

If you don’t want to risk being blown away just yet, enjoy our God of War III screenshot gallery and watch the teasing Vengeance trailer right here.

Readers Comments (48)

  1. Killzone 4

  2. oops I ment Kilzone 3 lol !

  3. Last Gaurdian , I wish XD Its probably my most anticipated game.

  4. Bring on Killzone 4!

  5. I am also hoping that they will announce Killzone 3 because Killzone 2 was a great game.

  6. Killzone 3 or The Last Guardian.

  7. Killzone 3, resistance 3, or Agent. Please be one of those 3!

  8. whens e3 2010

  9. I think it is Resistance 3, Last Guardian, Agent And Killzone 3
    can’t we dream? 😛

  10. Damn, that’s right!. . . . . . Resistance 3 !. And it’s about time (every 2 years so, fall 2010?).

    Another guess: Starhawk.

    But it we come back to the context which refers to graphical detail, it’s most likely Resistance 3 (with launch date) and Killzone 3 (Preview of sorts).

  11. A new IP would be awesome.

  12. Insomniac North Carolina studio’s first game!

    Or, the Burbank studio’s next game, Resistance 3

    I think Starhawk will be saved for E3

    I think this will most likely be GT5

  13. @ TRF

    I also think it would be awesome for them to bring out a new big name game. Sony did great with the Little Big Planet game. ModNation Racers will also be good when it gets released, so I hope Sony continues to introduce new games that haven’t been done before.

  14. Dare i say… TWISTED METAL?

  15. Heavenlt Sword 2? (k, i took it a bit too far)

  16. Heavy Sun

  17. @Xbot, Your’e a troll fag!

  18. @cantthink

    If would be great if Sony announces Heavenly Sword 2. Heavenly Sword was an awesome game, but it was too short. They should create Heavenly Sword 2 to continue the story and bring back the fun that the first game had.

  19. Lolz at Xbot failing at trolling. Seriously you could have done so much better dipshit! LOLZ!!!!

  20. I would LOVE to see Resistance 3, Killzone 3, or the agent!

  21. GodOfWarNewTitle February 28, 2010 @ 14:06

    Obviously It Has Something To Do With The Ending Of God Of War III Maybe The Next God Of War Title?

  22. @GodofWarNewTitle

    I think God of War 3 is the last of the God of War series because it is a 3 part game series. The God of War 3 game will be a great game to end the God of War series. The new game might be Resistance 3 though because people liked Resistance 1 and 2.

  23. GodOfWarNewTitle February 28, 2010 @ 14:14

    Yeah No Doubt Resistance 3 Will Be Announced Some Time Soon But Keep In Mind That Is The Ending To The Current Storyline In God Of War. There Can Always Be A New Adventure For Kratos. Right?

  24. Ehh its not resistance 3.. Insomniac isnt a first party studio

  25. is gt tv saying that sony has a bigger ace than gow3
    … my brain isnt capable of imagining something like this

  26. Hey Xbot, shut your mouth and go play with your toy Xbox 1.5. Oh, wait, you can’t. It’s in the shop. Again.

  27. Sorry, but this wouldn’t be the first time Keighley hyped something “amazing”, that turned out to be nothing.

    I hope Sony shows some great new IP, but this guy has zero credibility, IMHO.

  28. @Joe

    Even if the new game isn’t as amazing as like God of War 3, the game could still be really good. M.A.G. isn’t as good as God of War 3, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great game. I think there will be a good game announced, but whether it will be better than games like Heavy Rain and God of War 3 still waits to be seen.

  29. Folklore 2? I liked it alot….

  30. Maybe a pre-quell for inFAMOUS or inFAMOUS 2 would be SWEET?!?! Hey X-Botch how much u want to bet you beloved Bungie will be developing for the PS3 now that there out of M$ grasps? LOL!!!

  31. i really hope it’s from a japanese developer !
    i hope it’s not another stupid fps game !!!!!!!

  32. umm a new jak and daxter game by Naughty Dog ?

  33. i really hope the next game from santa monica studios be syphon filter…i miss that game, and i think this guys could do it better than anyone (apart from ND), i know its kinda off-topic
    about this stuff, probably some trailer from GT, The Last Guardion…i dont think Sony reveal something big before E3

  34. That’s what Xbots are made of FLOPS, their mind is full of flop that they flop at anything. Xbots = brainless retards.

  35. @VR-4nic

    It would be awesome if Sony announce Infamous 2 as their new game being developed. Infamous was a great game and it a sequel to it would be great. It is also good that Bungie is developing a game for the PS3 because they developed the Halo games and they are a good game company.

  36. Eight Days or GETAWAY, MotorStorm 3

  37. What kind of idiot tries to hype something over something that hasn’t even dropped yet????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  38. LOL xbot is the worst troll I’ve ever sen lmao.

    On topic. I think it’s GT5 🙂

  39. aah too bad MS has too rely on third party to release exclusive (PATCHES), as MS doesn’t have that many first party studio to churn out exclusive every fiscal quarter. Thats one of the reason why i don’t have an XBOT

  40. @taus90

    The MotorStorm series is a great game series. It is one of the best racing games on the PS3 and it is an exclusive series. I think a MotorStorm 3 game will be a good make for developers to make.

  41. @the guys calling out Xbot

    seriously you guys are getting pissed at him he’s obviously not an Xbot probably just performing satire acting like one because face it a fanboy will never admit to being one and even if they choose to admit they wouldn’t go around using usernames bluntly stating what he supposedly is.

    Heck I think Xbot is droid trying to create propaganda that all Xbots are idiots similar to that one website Sony Defense Force which is a “Droid site” being run by the same guy who runs the Wii60. Now Wii60 hasn’t been updated in awhile but suffice to say one person was making one fanbase look like fanboy idiots.

  42. @ StarSpeed

    Ive read about inFAMOUS possibly being a pre-quell ( a few weeks back) were you would be playing as Kessler or Cole from the future how ever you want to look at it. Im about 99% sure we’ll see another inFAMOUS from Sucker Punch which will be epic non the less!! About Bungie, for sure they’ll be multi-platform but rumors are all over the web about them possibly developing an exclusive for PS3 too! I mean if they really want to use the PS3’s power it would have to be exclusive and not a port!

  43. @taus90

    I seen a trailer for Eight Days and it looks to almost be some kind of urban Uncharted which could be really cool but, I thought this game was to be scraped? I really hope Im wrong though!!

  44. Something better than GoW III??!!!??

    Whoa now, that will be crazy.

  45. loving all the death cry’s of the xbox fagfanboys

  46. lol @ Xbot, very creative using “flop” as a substitute for the names of the games, just shows have unimaginative fanboys on the 360’s side XD

    But seriously Last Guardian is going to be amazing, its from the makers of ICO and Shadow of the Colosus, I bet that’s the game that is hinted XD

  47. @Moocows111111

    The new game being announced might be Last Guardian for the Playstation 3, but that game is already announced. It could be a new IP that hasn’t been announced yet and will be announced soon.

  48. @noctis

    I don’t think it will be a new Jax and Dexter for the Playstation 3 because they haven’t made a Jax and Dexter game in a long time and maybe they have moved on and are creating new games series, since the Jax and Dexter series has faded away.

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