Ken Levine talks of his involvement on the BioShock film

Irrational Games’ Ken Levine has spoken of his position in regards to the upcoming BioShock film.

During a chat with Joystiq, the studio head spoke of his change of role when shifting from the position of creative lead on the video game side of the franchise, to something a little different for the film.

“If I were to make a game that was based on somebody else’s franchise, you need somebody there who’s going to say, ‘This is true to the franchise, this isn’t true to the franchise.’ So that was more my role in the film,” he said.

It sounds as if Levine has now stepped back a bit from work on the project, but believes the rest is in the right hands.

“Unless for some reason I decided I’m gonna go be a screenwriter or something, but then that’s a particular job and I have a different responsibility there, which is writing a script instead of the guy who protects the franchise and makes sure the film is true to the franchise.”

Levine is of course working on the latest video game instalment in the franchise, BioShock Infinite, which is set to launch sometime next year.