Killzone 3 Beta Codes Giveaway

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Currently there are over 40 million PlayStation 3s scattered around the world and yet, only 20,000 or so beta codes for Killzone 3 have seen the light of day. That makes your overall odds of receiving one pretty slim, doesn’t it? Thankfully, with PlayStation University, you can vastly improve those odds today as we have a good chunk of codes to give away.

In case you’re curious as to what you’re missing right now — feel free to checkout all of these new Killzone 3 beta videos and screenshots.

In order to get you into the beta as fast as possible, we’ve decided to run this giveaway until 12 AM tonight, PST. So, this will last for roughly 14 hours and then the codes will be given out to those who entered and won. As always, entering one of our code giveaways is simple and easy to the point where any gamer can do it!

Simply fill out the comment section below while utilizing a valid email address and leave a comment letting us know why you want a Killzone 3 Beta code. At the end of the day, we’ll choose our winners and send out Beta Codes via email by 2 AM PST. That means, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll be ready to start downloading!

Good luck and enter below!

Readers Comments (50)

  1. I’d be very, very grateful for a Beta code, thank you and I hope I win D:

  2. I would like the code for Killzone 3 because Killzone triumphs over every other shooter out there with its beautiful visuals, intriguing storyline and fun, addicting gameplay. KZ3 FTW!!!

  3. Growing up I never had a PS2, but I loved going over to a friends’ place to play his. Some of the best times we had were playing killzone together. After graduating and finally making ends meet I got myself a PS3. My first and only game for a while was Killzone 2. I fell in love all over again. The game is amazing and it would be a dream come true to be able to get my hands on the 3rd!

  4. i have been on the internet for a very long time searching for one code and it all ended up failing and i am a big fan of ps3 and KILLZONE 2 & 1 plz plz plz plz let sleep the night happy

  5. playstation 4 ever

  6. I would love a KZ3 beta code because Killzone 2 is one of my favorite games. I spent 90% of my spring break playing KZ2 after it came out, and I want to help make sure that KZ3 is even better.

  7. killzone KZ KZ KZ KZ

  8. I think i deserve the kz3 because all i do is play kz2,and im a true fan.

  9. I want the Killzone 3 beta code because you’re offering it.

  10. i have been on the internet for a very long time searching for one code and it all ended up failing and i am a big fan of ps3 and KILLZONE 2 & 1 plz plz plz plz let sleep the night happy KZ FTW

  11. I want a Beta cuz my A.D.D. is relentless.

  12. i have moving from website to the other, i really want it

  13. Because i want to test this game before it was released…Halo Killer

  14. I want to get in the beta because i want to help killzone 3s online to be almost perfect when it is released in February by finding glitches and bugs now instead of later. So please can i have a code.

  15. i would love to get a code so i can destroy my friends online

  16. killzone is the best ever game of the world…. GOTYYYY…

  17. i want a Beta code to provide honest gameplay feedback, report bugs and glitches, and help impove the killzone mp experience

  18. you r my only chance plz don’t ignore me plz

  19. I played Killzone 2 and thought it left me breathless. Then I almost fainted when I heard about Killzone 3. Now there’s a chance (slim chance though 🙁 ) to get the beta for this game!!! *faints* Please give me the code David. If I don’t get it though, I hope the guys that did get the code puts up some sweet gameplay on youtube. Either way, Killzone 3 will be more awesome than Call of Duty Black Ops! Thats right I said it!

  20. oh god and i thought i would have a chance too. well hopefully the dean will favor regulars more so than the random person just googling for beta codes and found this. well anyway pick me 😀

  21. i would really appreciate an invite. Not only would I play it like crazy and have a lot of fun but provide honest gameplay feedback, report bugs and glitches, and help impove the killzone mp experience

  22. Why do I want a Killzone 3 beta code?

    Well, why wouldn’t I?

    I hope I can get one. Thanks!!!!

  23. Killzone is the greatest series ever created. I can’t wait to see what Geurilla Games has done with the sequel! I could kill to get my hands on the beta! I hope I get a key!

  24. MAN!!! getting a Killzone 3 BETA CODE is hard, been camping on “IGN” for the past 4 hours and the codes he post are used in less then 5 sec and here I am hoping to get one.

  25. huh!! Everyone who loves Killzone series wants a beta code for killzone 3….



    So then i’ll say with all the fans of the Killzone series: CAN I PLEASE HAVE A KILLZONE 3 BETA CODE!!!!!

  26. Wassup David, its yo boy owned2dabone! Holy SH!T! You actually has codes for Killzone 3! Man, I gotta get in on this action! Killzone 2 is my life, but if I get this code, Killzone 3 is gonna be my new life! Plz David, hook a brother up with this code.

  27. traducción del español al inglés
    I have the killzone beta 3 because the saga is what made me fall in love with the shooter and am now a regular player of the second part in online mode and nothing would make me most excited to be able to try everything that brings us back this new delivery. Regards and good luck

  28. Andrew Richardson October 27, 2010 @ 13:41

    I would like the code for Killzone 3, because it would allow me to spend more time working with the the poor, the sick and small children… And animals.

  29. Id love Killzone 3 because its is the strongest most graphically amazing game, that will set new standards for the playstations power, and define the new era of fps games. Id love it because it is going to be a game to remember, and that i should be a part of this stunning beta, to help ensure that with my support, this game becomes the best that it can be. Please send me a beta key, (i am in playstation plus, and i downloaded the theme in the first 10 seconds that it was on the store, and would have gotten the code, but my comcast email was “inactive” making the key never get sent to me, kinda makes me mad. Thank you. My email is

  30. I want the Kill Zone 3 beta, because I am an avid gamer for life! I loved KZ2 and I’ve been trying to get into this thing now since it was announced!

  31. I’m trying in all sites this beta! PLEASE! PLAYSTATION UNIVERSITY!


  32. i need to tell my friends how is the game i wanna be so spacial plz

  33. I’m the Best Girl in Killzone 2 !!! Please send me this BETA, I want begin to training for
    take the game in the day one!!! :*

  34. I want this beta code because i want to feel again the emotion of play the best FPS ever made.

  35. I really want the killzone beta as it’s one of my all time favourite series on playstation. I have good technical ability to find those bidding bugs which I would love to demolish so they dont appear in the final game. I want every player who purchases the final release of killzone3 to have A great smooth bug/glitch free experience I would be using the beta not for my benefit but for all you killzoners out threre. Thanks chris

  36. i have Killzone 1 and Killzone2 and KZ3 is a must have. many people did not like the first game i however have ALWAYS been a supporter of it. My favorite was the Split screen. It was the best Split screen experience . now i am forever a KZ fan and really want in on this beta ive been searching for days and waiting for months

  37. I’m a big Killzone fan I own them all as I’ll be deploying soon I may not have a chance to play KZ3. So if I get the beta that’ll be my fix.

  38. I think i should get a beta key because this site is awesome and I am a great Killzone 3 fan

  39. Killzone fanatic October 27, 2010 @ 13:50

    I needz a killzone beta cuz killzone is the bestest gamez EVAR!!!

  40. Give me that code because i´m a greater killzone series fan, in need this beta… i hope i can play this awesome beta by the morning of tomorrow, thank you guys!

  41. I’m a HUGE fan of the Killzone series, and it looks like Killzone 3 will be amazing and way better than Killzone 2. Graphics, gameplay, EVERYTHING looks awesome. And jetpacks? Hell, count me in. I’d be honored to get the chance to try this beta.

  42. killzone 4everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  43. I really don’t want to sound like a sap, saying “oh, I’ll test stuff.” But I really want to get into the Killzone 3 beta. I’m fed up with Modern Warfare 2, and Killzone 2 is somewhat empty these days, being filled with Radec Academy Body count. I want something new and refreshing. So if you can, please send me a beta code. I would gladly appreciate it.

  44. dylan peterson October 27, 2010 @ 13:56

    i love killzone!

  45. Give me a code or i will fart in your face.. oh and i just had a mean bean mexican burrito. thank u..

  46. I would very much enjoy a Killzone 3 beta code because i am a diehard fan of the Killzone series and believe that Killzone 3 is going to be a great addition. If i don’t get one it’s cool i understand, but if i do that would be awesome.

  47. I breathe, sleep, eat, cry Killzone.

    my email is

    Im dying for a code!

  48. I would like a KZ3 beta code because i hate XBOX and i hate Microsoft!!! LONG LIVE PLAYSTATION!!!!

  49. I really want this killzone 3 beta code, because I’ve always been a killzone fan since the first. I would be honored if you guys picked me, thank you.

  50. i was in the top 1000 ranked for a month

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