Killzone 3 controls vastly improved

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The recently released issue of The Official PlayStation Magazine has a great interview with Guerrilla Games. One of the most important aspects of this interview is the information Herman Hulst provides in relation to Killzone 3’s controls. As most of you know Killzone 2’s controls came under scrutiny almost immediately by a vast majority of the gaming community, so it comes as no surprise that they’re one of the key issues the development team is working on.

Hulst told OPM (via Goonline) that “the heavy sensation of Killzone 2 is absolutely gone; instead this feels much closer to standard run-and-gun responsiveness.”

He also added that Killzone 3 will have “a set of controls that will appeal to the vast majority of audiences.”

Were you one of the gamers who felt the controls were too heavy set in Killzone 2 or did you enjoy the fact that the game felt so different in comparison to other shooters of this generation?

Readers Comments (15)

  1. I like the heavy feel in Killzone 2. Too bad they are removing it.

  2. This anything but good news, really.

  3. there was nothing wrong with the previous control scheme, if you cant learn new controls. stop gaming.

  4. I agree, the heavy feeling is a nice touch.

    I guess as long as it’s nice and smooth, not over touchy it’s all good.

  5. i hope they still leave an option to play with the K2 control set up
    i cinda liked the heavy feel in killzone2 and batlefield bc2

  6. You all know my opinion on this matter: if we wanted to play Call of duty we would be playing call of duty =/

    But well, we’ll have to wait and see how those changes are implemented.

  7. Epic FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m kinda glad. I liked KZ2 but the controls felt kinda heavy. Maybe way too much. I’d love them taking a lighter control scheme in between R2 and KZ2

  9. The KZ2 controls really bugged me.

  10. I never had a problem with he controls actually.

  11. At first I thought the heaviness was just overboard, it played on the mind in terms of sensitivity. I remember after last year’s E3, they released a patch that modified the controls. It still didn’t feel like your regular gamers blaze of glory shoot em up…INSTEAD better! It almost felt as if I just started playing the game. Such a minor change yet a significant improval. If they could keep to that, this game will be priceless.

  12. Doominator99 July 14, 2010 @ 05:59

    in real life it doesnt take 5 seconds to turn round just because you are holding a gun.
    I did get used to the controls but when i play the game i am always thinking how much better it would be with fast controls

    Im turning… Im turning… Im turning… oh too late im dead -_-

  13. I think its good news. I love killzone 2 but after playing other games its hard to go back. Its just not as accesible. I think they should have a hardcore mode or something in kz3 where they keep the kz2 controls but i still would prefer the weight thing gone in the standard game and mp. Just dont make em as twitchy as cod. Something more along the lines of bc2 i say.

  14. I cant believe the amount of people who said they liked the delay of the controls.

    It is my personal belief that the delay in the controls was NOT put in the game on purpose but a negative consequence of the way the graphics engine handled things.. or something of that nature.

    Definitely not a conscious choice to have sluggish controls. Did not make anything feel realistic, did not do anything to help your sense of “immersion.” If anything it disconnected the player more from the sense of control they had over the character.

    KZ2 had a great design concept but sadly the controls and lack of response was too much for me. I returned the game a couple weeks after I found out nothing could be done for the controls. I was a bit saddened because it could have been THE online game to play.

    Thankfully Guerilla is acknowledging it and trying to fix this. Hope KZ3 rocks.

  15. @Mat brooks . . . . . . . . OH U DUMBASS. . . but seriously I think they should tweak the controls not overhaul them. That would make for a game that would make me play it all fuckin day long! So excited!

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