Killzone 3 leaked: Snow, Jetpacks, and 3D

That’s right. Killzone 3 exists. We wanted to tell you earlier, but NDAs and all. You probably knew it was coming anyway. Guerilla Games has been eager to produce a sequel to their first PlayStation 3 title Killzone 2. The game was revealed in GamePro’s magazine.

Killzone 3 is said to include jetpacks that act in much the same as those found in Warhawk; requiring bursts of speed in mid-air. They also double up as a weapon, with machine guns on top.

Arctic snow levels will be a big feature in the game, so we’re hoping that Guerilla will top Naughty Dog’s incredible Uncharted 2 effects. Its combat will remain generally unchanged from Killzone 2, but with added hand-to-hand combat that will require more button combinations.

Killzone 3 will be in 3D, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll be dubbed Killzone 3D, with the 3D effects being described as “game changing”.

Many have criticised the black and white portrayal of the Helghast. To tackle this Killzone 3 will show the humanity of the Helghast, where even their own language will be explored.

Finally the game is bigger than ever before, with a number of diverse locales visited. Here you can test out your new weapon – the Wasp, which shoots a “flurry of rockets” at the enemy. Exciting aye?

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  1. awesome, can’t wait for all the 360 fanboys to claim KZ3 is a copy of Reach simple because it had jetpacks.

    Anyway, I’m extremely excited for this game.

  2. simply because it has*

  3. the helghast have there own language? then why does visari talk in english in the begging of every killzone? and so does radec,and metrac. hmmm how are they going to explain this?

  4. Why don’t they save all this for E3. The more games that get announced there, the better. They probably still have a lot, but the more the better.

    Looks cool, I liked Killzone 2 a little, so looking forward to this.

  5. Was this rumour you had for this week that was more then a rumour?

  6. It looks neat. Looking forward to more of it.

  7. Hopefully Guerrilla Games can focus on making the game fun this time around since they don’t have to build an engine.

  8. YESH! YESH!!!!!! finally some info on it. i cant wait till we get a release date on it.

  9. Doominator99 May 22, 2010 @ 01:57

    killzone 2 was almost perfect all they need to do is make the game more colourful (snow levels is a good idea) and fix the annoying controls they are not that bad but many people didnt like killzone because of the controls, if they fix those thigs then the game would be perfect

  10. Patrick Steen May 22, 2010 @ 04:52

    HGH, yup that was one of them…beaten to the punch though.

  11. That was one of them?

  12. Awesome news but 3D will never be for me .

  13. supposedly naughty dog and guerilla have teamed up to create a new engine for this game.

  14. Ahh sucks then, but o well, maybe you get something else pre E3?

  15. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 May 22, 2010 @ 13:59

    The gameplay of Killzone 2 was crap, if its the same this time around I will not buy anything.

  16. I assume the language will probably be more of a dialect spoken amongst commoners or lower class Helghast. I’m glad that they’re making effort to improve the story and emotional side of the game. KZ2 showed effort in making an emotionally-moving story, but I think it still needs work. Anyway, jetpacks are friggin awesome. Plus multiplayer in KZ2 was some of the most fun and explosive, but it didn’t feel deep enough in unlockables and customization, so I hope they have much deeper multiplayer. KZ2 graphics are sick, and since I heard Naughty Dog is helping Guerrilla to develop the graphics on KZ3, this is bound to have even better graphics. Plus KZ2 recently won the Ivor Novello award for best video game score or something, so KZ3 should try top that. And a 3D FPS…wow…this will be BEAST. I think we’re looking at the makings of the next GOTY.

  17. Lol at shooting noobs, “fix teh controls its sluggish because the gun has weight,” -_- how about u fix ur skill, im sorry that in KZ2 its not whoever sees whoever 1st gets the kill like call of noobs, if they change the controls b/c of shooter noobs im not buying it, if your a shooting noob, dont get it its not 4 u.

  18. @Eien: Not the graphics but the story telling (about Baughty Dog).

    You should all know that I love Killzone 2 and I’m super excited about this game (to the point I’m seriously thinking about upgrading to 3d tv).

    I heard that KZ3 is going to have fully destructible enviroments ala bad company, which is badass.

  19. so were going to be flying jetpacks with machine guns, in a snow levell in 3D
    cant wait

  20. hopefully they dont ad auto aim to this one, i know you can play without it but i hate getting shot in the head from a mile away buy the standard assault rifle buy someone who is using it…. noobs

  21. ?. There is no auto aim in killzone 2.

    If anything that’s why so many people don’t like KZ2 controls, because firing a weapon actually has recoil.

  22. @ Dreamer_Lion
    Kz2 had destructible environments already .. havent you noticed bullets chipping off a pillar as u hide behind them for cover and such ? just saying lol …

  23. @Deathslizer:

    Have you ever played Battlefield: Bad Company?, I was referring to THAT kind of destructible enviroments. Just saying, lol.

  24. Be so awesome if you could ski like in Tribes, skiing with a shot gun, now that would be fun!!! Anyways this game is a must get, can’t wait!

  25. @dreamer_lion

    ya kz2 had a patch that added auto aim, but people that had the game before the patch didnt have auto aim automatically assigned but the poeple who bought the game after the patch did.

  26. You are talking about “High Precision” mode introduced on patch 1.27 =). This is not like auto aim, the high precision setting makes the analog stick move more subtle, therefore giving more precision on the input of your aiming.

    Auto aim is a totally different thing xD

  27. Moocows111111 May 24, 2010 @ 11:51

    I Love killzone 2. Seriously I’m buying this game for sure, because I know its going to be good. I’m a little iffy about the jetpacks though… It really does remind me of Reach.

  28. dreamer_lion
    i think were talking about something, im talking about when your cross airs legit lock on to an opponent and turn red.

  29. @xero:

    Well, that’s a totally different thing. Pretty much every FPS has that and is not “auto aim” as you described; that’s the aim assistance.

    When you aim the crosshair to an opponent it turns red, indicating that you have a clear shot.

    I still don’t get what you mean by auto aim. Do you mean like, the crosshair moves itself into the enemy’s position?, ’cause that’s not the case with KZ2.

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