Kojima tweets about MGS: Peace Walker

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Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, has been hard at work bringing his franchise to that next level on the PlayStation Portable. Despite the announcement that Metal Gear Solid: Rising was coming to multiple platforms, Kojima made it known that it wasn’t really “his” title and that his main focus would be on Peace Walker.

These claims are made even more evident in a recent Tweet by the legend himself.

“The next MGS… “RISING.” this game will create new users, be developed by the new generation, a new MGS, but on the other hand, “PW” is made by Hideo Kojima, a new but classical MGS. PW is a new type of game design and experimental for future endeavours. So it is hard to say it will finish with one game… “

While Rising may end up being a great installment into the MGS franchise, true fans of the series are always going to appreciate and consider the games fully focused on by Kojima himself as the true iterations. I’m very excited to get my hands on Peace Walker and see what he’s done for Snake and Co.

Readers Comments (9)

  1. Yeah, the demo is great. I just feel Kojima is taking his sense of humor to extremes here, lol (Love box, WTF?).

  2. The Demo? Is there any gameplay videos of this game?

  3. and MGS:PW is actually MGS5, stated by Kojima himself, I just wished PW should have been on PS3 instead on PSP. but again i think Kojima would like to capitalize on psp user base.

  4. This game may be one of the few reasons to play my dad’s PSP. Before that was Chains of Olympus. And before THAT was Daxter.

  5. ^^ Daxter sucked .

  6. hmmm….is it just me, or did kojima say that Peace Walker (not MGS) is may not be only one game??

    i smell a PW 2 coming up….and the sequel WILL be the game that finally connects the timeline to the first Metal Gear…..so if PW1 wont have Frank Jaeger, PW2 will!!!!

  7. @Thorzilla, if you search back further through some of the articles, there was one that directed you to a place where you could download the japanese demo.

  8. I’ll be buying both games on day one, but I’m definitely more excited for Peace Walker.

    @Thorzilla – There are Japanese and English demos for PW. I don’t know if the English demo is in the EU store, though.

  9. Rising wont be the same without hideo kojima at the helm. It probaly be a hack and slash game which new users like from cod will love. I want peace walker but i do not have a psp 🙁

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