Latest scans shine new light on Fallout: New Vegas

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PCGames magazine has released new information in regards to Fallout: New Vegas. In these latest scans, you can grab a glimpse of several new details such as guns, environments and even characters. I’d make an attempt at translating all of the information, but let’s be honest, I only speak English and French. So, any translation I try will probably more to do with Olympic hockey than Fallout: New Vegas.

I’ve included a couple of the scans below, but feel free to click to our full gallery in order to check out all of them.

Readers Comments (18)

  1. Looking very fallout 3ish which is great. I am sure it will keep me as addicted as before.

  2. I have a feeling this game is going to be exactly like Fallout 3 with some new additions, which is fantastic. All that needs to be added is a faction or two, and it’ll be perfect.

  3. it’s like fallout 3 but with mods and a new map. i just hope it’s more stable then then the last one

  4. Nice, I was a bit worried it would change dramatically from Fallout 3.

  5. is it a whole new game or just a chapter like HALO:odst? it looks like chapter to me

  6. If its anything like fallout 3 then its a must buy for me. Hopefully it will be bigger and better with less bugs.

  7. oh wow fallout 3 is getting more DLC? nice

  8. I’m disappointed. I though this was gonna be a full blown game and not an expansion.

  9. “is it a whole new game or just a chapter like HALO:odst? it looks like chapter to me”

    its going to be like a Halo ODST but actually with new features, enemies unlike ODST where the Jumping extremely High was taken out XD

    Also Dr.Moogle I don’t think this is DLC its supposed to be another game or expansion, or so I heard.

  10. Look like Fallout 3 but that is going to be obvious but since this one has more building and shit, I think it could be 10x better and they can fix all the problems they had with the 3rd one.

  11. “they can fix all the problems they had with the 3rd one.”

    Even with those problems, the game Fallout 3 was just awesome though XD And New Vegas would probably overshadow any problem it has. =p

  12. Ohhhhh yeaaaaa

  13. I’ll be first in line for this!

  14. The new Fallout: New Vegas game looks really good. Its continues on the great Fallout series.

  15. @Moocows111111,

    It was still an awesome game but it had its problems. The shooting mechanics were not very good, and some other stuff. So I am hoping that this one will nail it and be what Oblivion was to Imperial time RPG’s.

  16. @SonyJunkie

    The game Fallout 3 did have problem such as the map being too big and you were usually wandering a lot in the game, but it is still a good game.

  17. i hope they dont have a horible ending like fallout 3, i got so pissed at the end of fall out 3 when u couldnt go back and free roam, wtf. then u had to buy a retarded dlc to free roam what a load of (u know the rest lol)

  18. @tito_loc

    I think the new Fallout: New Vegas will allow free roaming because it is a big part of the Fallout game series. The new Fallout: New Vegas should be much better than Fallout 3 and they will improve the game on many different area such as weapons, maps, and gameplay.

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