Long Live Play is about being like Mike

Two weeks ago, Sony released a cryptic teaser trailer, promising to deliver something on October 5th. That day is finally upon us, and the teaser is … just a small part of a longer video.

While it might be initially disappointing to anyone expecting something related to PlayStation Home or some sort of game announcement, the video is actually pretty damn cool. It’s stuffed to the brim with game cues and character cameos, while also celebrating the PlayStation gamer. D’aaaaw.

Check it out below, then a few more times after that to catch as many easter eggs as you can:

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  1. just from the production valeue of the teaser we were all finking about some cross-franchise game, anouncment, something new comming out, but no
    it was just a wery expencive way of saying “thank you”

    THE-REIGEN : “you`re welcome”

  2. K-grim : “likewise sony playstation”

  3. holy shi- As I read the title, I thought it was about Michael Jordan lol

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