Metro 2033 exclusivity was a “business decision”

THQ recently ran a gaming event for Metro 2033 in London, where press could check out the current build of the game and also talk to members of the development team. During this time, VG247 found out that the exclusivity for Metro 2033 was more so a business decision than anything else.

“That’s probably more of a business decision, and one that I wasn’t part of when I was at THQ,” he said.

“The studio architect of the 4A engine did a lot of the initial work on the PS3 first, just to get to grips with the architecture.

“A lot of the early prototypes you saw were of the PC version… You’d probably have to ask someone up in senior THQ finance to find out why we didn’t greenlight a PS3 version at the time, but there’s no reason why the engine wouldn’t work on PS3.”

Considering a lot of the initial work was indeed started on the PlayStation 3, I have a feeling this will be nothing more than a timed exclusive. Perhaps if the game sells poorly in comparison to expectations, THQ may be forced to move its hand on producing a PlayStation 3 copy of the title.

Regardless, we’ve heard similar stories surrounding previously “exclusive” titles in the past and they’ve oddly enough found their way over eventually.

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  1. Is this the game that is available on PS3 in Japan?

    If so, I’d also assume it’s just a timed exclusive.

  2. Like I said in the forums, I’d never heard of this game until I went to GameStop on Monday.

  3. reminds me ff13

  4. Doesnt matter to me. Game does not look interesting to anyway.

  5. 1 rear exclusive like everything else. The it will come to ps3 with extra content xD

  6. I doubt this game will sell monumentally well. I mean, hardly anyone even knows what Metro 2033 is.

    But I agree. Timed exclusive.

  7. Yeah, Don’t know about this game at all, won’t be mad if we don’t get this.

  8. uhhh hold up…i have never even heard of it…..

    /dont care

  9. so this is for 360 and Pc or just PC, Wouldn’t be bothered if it didn’t show up on PS3 at all, too many games on the horizon to be worried about.

  10. Meh, same old, same old. It’ll come soon.

  11. looks very interesting so i hope its only timed exclusive

  12. In other words Microsoft walked into THQ’s office and said here money and then it was made exclusive.
    TBH I bet you this only a timed exclusive.
    Watch I bet you here in 6 months or so we’re gonna hear reports of a PS3 version in the works.
    Quote me on this.

  13. I think that the game Metro 2033 will work well on the Playstation 3 if they decide to make a Playstation 3 version.

  14. Just a saw a commercial for this on TV a little while ago and it looks good graphically but the game looked kind of gay so not really a problem like I said earlier.

  15. like i said….i dont care for this game lol

    the PS3 already has many games us to worry about lol

  16. @SonyJunkie

    The trailer for this game shows that the game does have good graphics, but the game doesn’t look very fun and I don’t think most people will be into this type of game.

  17. it looks like fallout which is a good thing and the game does look good. creates a really good atmosphere. Big shame its not coming to the ps3.

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