Modern Warfare 3 developer calls on players to raise Metacritic user score

The latest installment in the Call of Duty phenomenon is a damn fine video game; you know this to be true because I said so myself. Modern Warfare 3 is doing quite well critically, but haters and trolls have come out of the woodwork to bomb the game’s user score on Metacritic, which currently sits at 2.8 out of 10.

It makes sense that a developer would take issue with people blasting their work without so much as trying it, but Sledgehammer Games’ Glen Schofield took the misguided approach of appealing to people over Twitter to boost the game’s user score.

“I don’t usually do this but, if u like MW3 go 2 & help our user score,” tweeted Schofield. “It’s suspiciously low. Be honest but help if u agree.”

The post has since been deleted, but the damage has been done, with people tweeting angrily at Schofield even after he took the tweet back.

Schofield should have seen the positive critical and commercial success MW3 has achieved and laughed off the user score for what it is — the work of a dumb bunch of trolls that can’t stand to see people enjoying something that they don’t. Life’s full of learning experiences, I guess.

Source: Destructoid

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  1. Well, Modern Warfare 2.5 doesn’t deserve more than a 4. That’s the best I can give it.

  2. ill give it a fair score

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