ModNation Racers allows for custom soundtracks

A long time ago Firmware 2.40 was released to PlayStation 3 users that allowed for the usage of custom soundtracks during gameplay. Unfortunately, this feature was only possible so long as the development team behind a game allowed it to be featured. Since then, it seems like it has fallen to the wayside as nobody has heard much about it until now.

Fortunately, United Front Games is picking back up the hype of in-game custom soundtracks and adding it as a feature set to ModNation Racers. However, despite this cool addition, most people probably won’t be taking advantage of it outside of YouTube uploading integration (I’m calling this now), due to the great soundtrack already provided by the developers and sound team.

The confirmation of custom soundtracks was made by Chuck Lacson on the Official PlayStation Blog:

โ€œIf you play music on your XMB, thatโ€™s the music that will replace the in game soundtrack.โ€

Is this something you guys plan on taking advantage of or are you just going to stick with what’s provided?

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  1. I will plan on using this. This is something all racers should atleast have. You cannot go wrong listening to Godsmack while playing an epic kart racer ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. If I don’t enjoy the soundtrack I may but if its enjoyable I definitely won’t. When was the last time you saw an Xbot use that in an argument.
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  3. Feature is over rated imo. I can see it working for this type of game. Can’t imagine replacing the epic orchestrations of God of War though. Would be butchering the game.

  4. Nice! This is a feature games have to have nowadays. Games like Borderlands would be so much better with this function.

  5. well when i play motorstorm pacific rift i tend to play my music all the time because it allows you to. if more games allowed it i probally would listen to music on my hdd more. shame most games dont. some games its not appropriate but for racing games its really nice to have.

  6. ohhh, not too bad eh? even more customization! good stuff man!

  7. Personally, I thought the soundtrack ion the beta was awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Sweet, I hope to see more games with this feature.

  9. i wud deffinitly use this!!!!! I wish all games had this!!!

  10. i have to agree with you that the game’s soundtrack is too good to be replacing it. however, i would LOVE customized soundtracks during the track editing (for instance, when making a pirate level having the “you are a pirate” song in the background). I love this feature, but the game’s soundtrack is so good that i actually plan to buy the game’s sound track since it is some of the best music i’ve heard in a while in a video game.

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