ModNation Racers community only possible on PS3

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We’ve heard it time and time again from first party developers in regards to an in-house title and the PlayStation 3. “It’s not possible anywhere but Sony’s PlayStation 3.” While this is usually a tired and played out sentiment — Dan Sochan, producer from United Front Games’ ModNation Racers, gives an in depth reason as to why the “Play. Create. Share” title isn’t possible anywhere else.

Speaking with PSU, Sochan had the following to say, “The PS3 hardware is very powerful. Since it has a built in hard drive, we know everyone will have it and they can save a lot of content. We created a file system that keeps tracks small (only a couple of kilobytes) and the transfer time is very minimal. We wouldn’t be able to build a community like this on the Xbox Live. Everyone can get involved because the PSN is free, and with Sony’s servers you can do direct sharing.”

This is one of the obvious benefits of allowing direct sharing between users like Sony has provided since day one. Fortunately, developers like United Front Games are starting to take heavy advantage of things like that in order to create a truly unique experience on the PlayStation 3.

ModNation Racers is due out on May 25th, 2010, so we don’t have that long to wait!

Readers Comments (10)

  1. Eh, I think they say things like that to get people worked up.

  2. I’m diggin the Play Create Share genre .

  3. Moocows111111 March 17, 2010 @ 15:18

    Eh I’ve grown accustom to the “Possible only on Playstation” starting to doubt those statements, but I mean maybe its true maybe its not, all I know is that ModNation Racers is awesome with its Play Create Share.

  4. I need some quality kart racers after Mario Kart Wii disappointed me oh-so-greatly. Sonic & Sega Racing is really good, and this looks fun, too.

    Now- less talk, more game-making.

  5. I normally don’t read much into the publisher brown-nosing that a lot of developers partake in but the whole thing about the PSN being the only platform that allows direct sharing seems to be true. Take Trials HD for example – everyone complained that you were only allowed to share your levels with your XBL friends, not everyone else. I’m sure it’s not a technical restriction – it must just be MS’s policy.

  6. I think this is pretty much the very only time when I’ve heard the argument “only possible on [insert machine here] that actually makes any sense.

  7. tisk, tisk, more fanboyism with devs. oh well, we see with others as well not just them solely

    lets see: valve, naughty dog, bungie (once upon a time), santa monica studios

    doesn’t bother me really.

  8. meh im almost sure the 360 can pull this off too….perhaps not as great…but damn close

    community-wise….itd be filled with crap because of all the kiddies on the 360 lol. i kid, i kid…..or do i?

  9. Hardrive always seems to be the thing that has been a critism of the xbox. And the pay for online. PS3 is better for community becuase of the sharing and free online which makes it better for creating and sharing things. Play create share

  10. ModNation only possible on PS3?? Huh, what about PSP? Lol

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