More PSP games compatible with PS Vita than initial 275-game list lets on

Last week I posted a news story where Sony tells you how to transfer digital PSP games from your PSN SEN account. Along with the simple instructions, they also provided a list of Vita-compatible games, a paltry 275 out of the several hundred available for purchase on the PlayStation Store. I was sad that many of my favorites didn’t seem to make the initial cut — Valkyria Chronicles II, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, and were the ones that hurt the most.

Well, it seems that several games were inexplicably left off of that list, as several people are reporting that Valkyria Chronicles II is transferrable from a PS3. I tried it out and can confirm it to be true. I also gave a few other unlisted games a shot, and was able to transfer Puzzle Quest and Crush. Alas, PixleJunk Monsters is indeed currently incompatible.

So if you skimmed that list of titles and didn’t see your favorites, I encourage you to try transferring them from your PS3 via the Vita’s Content Manager. The worst that can happen is a waste of time and bandwidth.

Thanks to @Jeremy_LaMont, @ManginaUnited, and @axisofbozz for the heads-up on Twitter.

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  1. “Tried it out and can confirm it to be true”. Man, if this isn’t an attempt at you to troll those without Vitas yet by boasting that you are playing VCII on Vita. Why don’t you go ahead and slap Monster Hunter on there while you’re at it, Joe?


    • Haha, not what I was going for! And I’m not currently *playing* VCII, I just wanted to have it on-board. If it makes you feel any better, I forgot to transfer my save from my PSP Go before I formatted and sold it to buy the Vita in the first place.

      • How much did you get for the Go anyway? I was thinking of trading my 3BS in towards it but figured I’d probably only get like $50 for it so I never even tried.

        • I got $90, plus another $10 for shipping. But then eBay and PayPal took their cut and I got about $80. =/

          Stil better than the $25 that GameStop was offering.

    • You can actually put MHFU on it… <3

  2. All i want to know is are the old school resident evil games playable on the ps vita? Ive looked at every list and have not seen it on any of them

    • Do you mean the PS1 Classics? PS1 games are only playable via Remote Play for now, I think.

      • What does that mean exactly? I will be out of the country for a while and want to buy the vita but not if i cant download resident evil 1-3

        • You can’t play PS1 classics on your Vita, unless you’re playing them via Remote Play.

  3. I hate to tell you, but I tired to put PSP game onto PS Vita game, and doesn’t transfer. Must been the recent Update.

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