Naughty Dog Developer confirms Cross Game Chat

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In a surprising turn of events, a Naughty Dog developer has posted on the official PlayStation forums confirming that Cross-Game Chat will be made available through the next firmware update. This should confirm earlier reports and rumors that cross-game chat would be making its way to the PlayStation 3 some time in October. Since confirming the update feature, the developer’s post has been deleted from the interwebs, however, we’ve included it below.

I think they wanted people to have fun and ejoy the show since all dead players can talk to each other no matter what team you are on. But I will suggest it anyway. Not to mention that the next PS3 firmware update is going to allow cross game chat. So if players use that instead of in game communication then they would also be able to communicate enemies positions.

So, what’s next PlayStation 3 owners? Now that we’ve been given pretty much every necessary feature to rival that of Xbox Live for the low monthly fee of free. Is there another feature Sony must tackle to help pull even or do you feel this one has already put the nail into the wood?

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  1. Kitty-PANCAKE! October 14, 2009 @ 14:24

    I say interwebs too!!!

  2. If This actually happens theres only one thing left, firmware backwards compatability and a ps2 classics store!

  3. Yes! Finally Sony will include the cross game chat feature, was waiting for a long time for that and thought it was going to be available on the firmware version 3.00. While we pay nothing for our online services (except our internet bandwidth) i see much more value in PSN than XBL.

  4. Yes! Now I can talk to my friends from school that have a headset! Now, all Sony has to do is bundle the PS3 Slim with a headset.

  5. It probably not true , great if it was though. It probably someone pretending to be from naughty dog, since the post was deleted. To me it just a hoax.

    Stop sending spam on the psn. Bring back thespam free psn.

  6. but if your playing co op or even multiplayer isn’t it better to talk to your team mates? i guess its good news though

  7. what does xbox live have over psn ?, nothing except a culture of foul mouthed teens

  8. Xbox Live really has nothing left

  9. custom gamerpic
    dual login support
    cross game invite
    custom profiles

    these are all features that i would much rather have then cross game voice

  10. yes, the PSN also needs voice messaging… then everything will be complete..

  11. Dude all live has left is a invite all button on all of there games worth $50 i think not

  12. It was inevitable… “eventually the day will come” and it seems like it is rather soon. XBL VS PSN will be looked at in a new light now. But the question is… What will Microsoft do now?

  13. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 October 14, 2009 @ 21:41

    FINALLY, PSN is now better than XBOX LIVE! YAY!

  14. Voice messaging and all is complete.

    …Sony delivers again

  16. @ #9
    1)Avatars (not called gamerpics) are customisable. Check in your account settings; there are many choices. If you are suggesting a feature to upload your own, it won’t happen. Sorry to break it to you, but they can’t if they want to keep PSN regulated.

    2)LittleBigPlanet supports multiple PSN logins. That’s a feature available to all game developers right now. It’s up to them to implement the feature into their games.

    3)See point 2. Many games support this already. To name a couple: Uncharted 2 and Dirt 2.

    4)Being able to enter in whatever text you want isn’t custom? The profiles are custom by most definitions. Trophies are based on what games you play – custom. Status messages – custom. Profile text – custom. User selected avatar – custom. Playstation Home – very custom!

    @ #10
    Agreed. The only drawback is that a majority of PS3 owners don’t have mics. Until that happens, text seems to be holding up just fine.

  17. (No edit button?)

    A feature I’d suggest to add to PS3 is the ability to impale spammers with a giant lightsaber flashlight. If you had a childhood (or are still living in it), you should know what that is…

  18. Voice msg sucks ass.

    Cross game voice chat was the only thing missing.

  19. PSN > xbox live.

    Free > 50/year.

  20. @xross_fire

    when i said custom “gamerpics”, i did mean the feature of uploading any image to represent your avatar.

    i do realize dual login support and cross game invites are in some games, but i feel it should be mandatory in every ps3 game that comes out, just like trophies.

    and when i said profile, i mean a seperate section for your psn id where you can write a bio, if you will, that everyone else can see. (age/sex/location/website etc.

  21. WOOO!!! Its real!! CrossGameChat!!

  22. WE WIN! Fantastic, I can talk to buddies everywhere now!

  23. celebration time come on!!!!


  25. ShurikenSpammer October 17, 2009 @ 09:18

    If Sony made it possible for the players to upload there own avatars then it would be flooded with porn pictures by stupid teenagers and nerds. It’s just a picture for crying out loud!

  26. So what if they upload porn pictures? Look another way if u like boys

  27. yay…

  28. The Ps3 is already superior to the Xbox 360 and cross-game chat will really put it on the map. Its going to own the 360 and the 360 fan-boys will have nothing to say! The Xbox will remain INFERIOR TO THE PS3.BETTER HOPE THEY DONT MAKE A PS4.


  30. hah cool thing that sucks is that sony have confirmed we will have to pay for psn soon which meanspsn and xbox live will be even

  31. im a die hard psn fan and nothin beats it but its Playstation SOCIAL Networking ..u need to be ab;e 2 communicate with your friends easier dan goin in 2 a game with them cross game chat makes sense .. we need it there ..

  32. i cant w8 4 cross game chat gonna be gangZzta 🙂

  33. @ #30 I don’t think we will have to pay to go online we go online for free. I have PlayStation + and i just have to pay 49.99 a year for it to get free stuff and things before any else so we wont paying for psn. P.S. I am way happy we are getting cross game chat

  34. ps3 is shit unlucky no chat u fail haha u shit fanboys

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