Naughty Dog: DLC news inaccurate but official announcements soon

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan recently unveiled a Gold Box edition for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and though it was unclear whether such a box would make its way around the world, further news on downloadable content looked more secure.

However, Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer has tweeted that our previous report is inaccurate:

What a morning! We’ve read some inaccurate news regarding our DLC making the rounds. More – and accurate – info coming soon, stay tuned!

There’s a few things that pop out in our previous story, including the mention of a multiplayer cooperative mode – something Naughty Dog has stated they would most likely not produce. We still expect the Killzone, Resistance and InFamous skins to make their way into the game (those screenshots aren’t faked) but the dates may be a little off. We’ll keep you posted for the Dog’s imminent announcement.

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  1. but I want them now

  2. The new Coop mode was the only reason I got excited about it. They took too long to release a DLC pack just to leave it on maps and skins.

  3. @2 You are pretty ungrateful if you can still complain about FREE DLC.

  4. awww its not free 🙁 i dont wanna pay for skins, it would be a good idea for it to be free, i mean skins can change things up but paying for it..meg the other dlc looks badass tho

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