Naughty Dog on Jak and Daxter’s potential return

As much as we love Uncharted and its band of merry men and women, we still miss Naughty Dog’s good old Jak and Daxter. And we’ve always known that our favourite developer misses them too. The question is whether Naughty Dog themselves will be bringing the two PlayStation heroes back to us. We decided to ask them in our exclusive chat.

It was one of our most popular questions sent in by you guys – is Naughty Dog bringing back Jak and Daxter? We put the question to the studio’s community strategist Arne Meyer in the second part of our interview (part one is here), who replied:

“Oh, we love Jak and Daxter! Being able to give our fans new ways to experience that universe would be an awesome thing.”

So…what’s cooking? Well we got another glimpse at Jak at E3 this year. Arne explains:

“Thankfully we had some great news for our fans on that front when SCE revealed Heroes on the Move at E3. The game brings Jak and Daxter, along with the Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper franchises together to create a new adventure game built for the ground up for the PlayStation Move.”

As nice as that all is, we know Naughty Dog will want to use all their expertise to bring Jak to the PS3. But they’re a little busy on another project. Might they want to pass Jak over to another developer? Arne added:

“We haven’t made any concrete plans regarding Jak at this time, so we haven’t discussed if this was a potential option.”

Get to those planning desks, dog’s! You read the first part of our interview with Naughty Dog right here.

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  1. Im one of those people who would prefer to see a Jak and Daxter game on the PS3 before the next uncharted sequel bearing in mind Uncharted 1&2 are in my top 5 PS3 Games but i dont see it happening any time soon. What i think would be a great move is to let another developer do HD Versions of the three jak and Daxter games that were on PS2 while naughty dog works on there next project which is most likely uncharted 3

  2. Jak series > Uncharted

  3. I really couldn’t care less about Heroes on the Move. Its really not a true Jak game and doesn’t do justice to the series.

  4. Eh just stick with Uncharted.

  5. I personally want to see more Uncharted, but that’s probably my bias based on the fact that the Uncharted series is my top series of games ever. Yes, it beat out Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, AND Street Fighter for me. All which I’ve owned every single version of the games. But Uncharted has taken my breath away, not once, but twice.

    Jak on the other hand, I only really played a couple times on the PS2, and sure it was pretty awesome, but I wouldn’t rate it anywhere near Uncharted.

  6. Most people haven’t even played Jak 2-3, for that matter. I say just release a
    “Jak & Daxter Collection” in 2011, (since we’re getting Sly collection), then 2012 release Uncharted 3, and Jak 4.

    Seems good to me.

  7. Naughty Dog
    2011: Jak & Daxter Collection
    2012 aka PS3’s Last year: Jak 4, and Uncharted 3

  8. well not “ps3’s last year” but PS4 coming ^^

  9. eh id rather have U3, i like Jak and daxter, but this is much better IMO
    Uncharted>entire jak series

  10. I love the Jak series, my favorite games are 2 and 3. I loved when they introduced dark Jak. I love having the haven city police chase after me. I am actually playing a new game on my ps3..this would be my 6th time through and on Jak 3 it would be my 20th time through….I can’t wait for a new game!

  11. we want jakkkkkkkkkkkkk & daxtttttttttter ps3

  12. that will be a shame if no jak & dax on ps3.
    the story of J&D didn’t complete on ps2, they didn’t back home .
    we want from naughty dog & sony to return to J&D cuz he better than the jerk uncharted .

  13. I HAVE to see Jak & dexter come out for PS3! That is the videogame that I had every series of. Well that & Sly Cooper. But you guys have the collection of Sly Cooper out already. Time to bring back Jak! PLEASE!!!

  14. Come on Naughty Dog, at least and HD compilation!

  15. I AGREE with Dark JAK, that drake is a jerk
    We want JAK

  16. Iam afraid that NaughtyDog doesnt have the right to make any more JAK,
    SONY have it .

  17. Iam afraid that NaughtyDog doesnt have the right to make any more JAK,
    SONY has it .

  18. Ratchet = 4 ……… jak = 0

  19. Bleach Byakuya February 3, 2011 @ 21:00

    i think jak ps3 is Back But soon …

  20. Bleach Byakuya February 3, 2011 @ 21:08

    after uncharted racing

  21. we want jak & daxter ps3 and crash bandicoot ps3

  22. is there jak ps3 & uncharted racing ??

  23. uncharted racing 2012 or 2013 ??

  24. is there uncharted collection ??

  25. is there uncharted collection + uncharted racing

  26. there hasn’t been a jak and daxter game for ages and i mean AGES PLEASE NAUGHTY DOG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more Jak and Daxter games PLEASE

  27. Bring on a Jak & Daxter collection fot the PS3!
    If Sucker punch can deliver a Sly collection, no reason that a great company like Naugty dog couldn’t.

  28. Omg the jak and daxter games were and are the best nuaghty dog you really make the best games especially jak and daxter. It doesnt matter if you dont make jak and daxter on ps3 because you are bussy but it will absolutely make my life better and I will be the happiest person ever good job and good games naughty dog your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Thank you for your hard work and good games!!!!!!!!

  29. Cristo Kennedy June 20, 2011 @ 01:06

    Jak and daxter has always been my favorite ever since the first game. I played uncharted and found that the only real amazing thing about it was the look nothing else.

  30. Jak and Daxter were what got me into the video games that consume my life, and will be my career. I would be the happiest cookie if there was a new Jak game from Naughty Dog (and not another company). In all honesty, though, I would be happy to have the collection for the PS3. And I think that’s what a lot of J&D fans are asking for, a new game is just an added bonus (albeit a very big bonus!).

  31. put jak and daxter on ps3 and come on naugthy dog make jak 4. jak and daxter is the best game ever made.its better then call of duty,or any other kind of game in the world and you guys know how to make games.

  32. make jak 4 naugthy dog

  33. I played jak and daxter as a kid, and i loved it!!! im not much of a game person but till this day that is my fav video game. i really liked the story line…it was almost like a movie, a movie you had to work for. but yes they need to bring it back cuz my lil cousins love that game.

  34. they should come out with an xbox jak and daxter

  35. Sylvia Jean McKown October 7, 2011 @ 05:44

    love jak and daxter please, please give us a new one on ps3

  36. i love jak and daxter when i was a kid and its the best game i have were played

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