Naughty Dog reveals Gold edition of Uncharted 2 and more DLC

In case you’re one of the few that hasn’t had the chance to play through Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is preparing to help you out through a gold release of its software.

The two games will be packaged in a Gold slipcase and will hit retail shelves on February 18th in Japan. This is an exceptional deal for two stellar title, especially at the small price tag of $88.

Not only is there going to be this twin pack released, but Naughty Dog has unveiled its plans for more Uncharted 2 downloadable content. Much like Gearbox Software, Naughty Dog plans to push the gameplay value of its title through DLC and the upcoming stuff looks enticing enough to care.

We’ve included the list below.

January 28
Demo (free)
Additional content pack 1 (free)
– Multiplayer Skins from Resistance 2, Infamous, and Killzone 2 characters

February 25
Additional content pack 2 (price TBA)
– Two Multiplayer maps, one from Uncharted 1’s ruins
– Multiplayer skins from Uncharted

April 15
Additional content pack 3 (price TBA)
– Multiplayer cooperative mode
– Four multiplayer maps
– Five multiplayer skins

Enjoy it guys!

[UPDATE] – We’ve got our hands on screenshots of the Killzone, Resistance and InFamous multiplayer skins for Uncharted 2, which you can check out in the game’s gallery. Here’s the Killzone 2 skins to whet your appetite:


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  1. a new co-op mode and 6 new maps

  2. TehFlyingDutchman January 21, 2010 @ 09:32

    Just as I was about to stop playing this game they announce this -_- I’m a sucker for skins.

  3. teehee i cant wait to be a helghast and shoot drake in the head lol such fun

  4. nice 🙂 just when ui think they had nothing else to give for the MP they pull this out of their sleeves. cant wait to get this

  5. yessss **** yes.

  6. This is pretty cool. Usually don’t buy DLC, but these skins look pretty cool.

  7. A new co-op mode 🙂

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