Naughty Dog talks with PlayStation University: Part 2

Will we ever find out more about Nathan Drake’s family, relationships and back story – either through more comic book shorts, or in the next game?

The UNCHARTED universe is a very deep universe populated by characters with rich backgrounds – and present and futures stories. We’re definitely looking at ways to reveal more about our game universe and the characters that live within it – I think our fans are looking for more and we’d love to provide that to them.

We miss Eddy Raja, could we see him return? Yes, we know he came to a sticky end in Drake’s Fortune, but…he could have survived…?

It does appear that Eddy met an unfortunate end at the hands of the Descendants, but we also never witnessed his actual demise…

As for the next game, Nolan North said that Uncharted 3’s development was “common sense” in an interview with our mates at PlayStation Chat. So the million dollar question, is your next game Uncharted 3?

Unfortunately, we’re not at a point yet to divulge any details on our next project.

We weren’t expecting an answer. But as North says, it makes financial sense. Do you feel pressured into making Uncharted 3 or are you excited and happy to continue the series?

We’ve always felt that the UNCHARTED universe has strong potential to be a long-term franchise, even living outside of video game releases. The speculation and news over the past year regarding an UNCHARTED feature film is an example of that.

Might we see the return of Jak and Daxter on the PS3? We know you want to bring him back.

Oh, we love Jak and Daxter! Being able to give our fans new ways to experience that universe would be an awesome thing. Thankfully we had some great news for our fans on that front when SCE revealed Heroes on the Move at E3 last month. The game brings Jak and Daxter, along with the Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper franchises together to create a new adventure game built for the ground up for the PlayStation Move.


Would you want to pass Jak PS3 over to another developer while you work on other IPs?

We haven’t made any concrete plans regarding Jak at this time, so we haven’t discussed if this was a potential option.

Might you make a PSN-only game? Could Uncharted make it to the PSP?

We would love to expand the UNCHARTED franchise to expose as many people as possible to the compelling stories we have to tell within that universe. However, we haven’t made any plans at the moment regarding other platforms.

Crash Bandicoot and Jak ended with racing games. Will we see an Uncharted racing game?

We do have vehicles in previous games! Frankly, we haven’t determined what directions we may take the franchise in the future – we feel there’s plenty of story potential left in the UNCHARTED universe, be it in video games or other entertainment mediums.

What advice would you give an aspiring game developer? What do you look for in new employees?

We look to hire who are top notch in managing their time and workload, self-motivated and, of course, highly talented and skilled. It’s especially important for us, given our fluid and collaborative development process, to make sure all our new Dogs can get their tasks done and with extremely high quality without much oversight or project management.

Beyond that, each department has different requirements as far as skills and background – you can get a feel for some of those from the Careers section on ( In general, that means a pretty strong background in the field you want to work in, although it’s not necessary to be doing that already within the video games industry to be a strong candidate – we’ve had several Dogs come from different industries and they’ve worked out awesomely for us.

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