[UPDATE] NBA Live 10 Giveaway!

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If you guys know me, you know that I love to give things away as often as possible, right? I try to supply the community with as much free stuff as possible because when it comes down to it, gaming is an expensive hobby and free is for everyone. Thus, continuing on my glorious streak of giving away free games, I’m ready to give out what I think is the best basketball title this year — NBA Live 10 from EA Sports.

I have not one, but TWO copies of NBA Live 10 to give away to our community today and this giveaway will run until Sunday night at 11:59 PM PST. It’s easy as a Free Throw to enter and I don’t care where you live, I’ll ship it to you if your cave has a legitimate address.

In order to enter, just submit a comment below with who you think will be in the NBA Finals this year.

That’s it. Easy as pie, right?! Get to commenting and we’ll get to sending this stuff out ASAP on Monday!


1. Simon Ho

2. Griswald

I’ll be sending emails out to the winners to gather their mailing addresses in order to send out prizes today (Monday).

Readers Comments (49)

  1. I have the Lakers in the finals again. No one (in the West) can touch Kobe.

  2. Hopefully my Magic can come through this time!!

  3. Lakers
    Kobe AND Artest? no one’s stopping them.

  4. Finals: Celtics and Hawks??

  5. Are the Chicago Bulls still a team? I vote for them..lol, don’t follow professional basketball cause I live in the UK, but I like the game.

  6. Lakers. Hope not, but it seems so.

  7. Lakers all the way.

  8. Bulls.

  9. Lakers. I kinda wish they didn’t though, pretty sick of seeing my home team always winning sadly 😆

  10. a sure bet will be the Lakers, so i’ll go with that

  11. I think it will be the Lakers and Celtics most likely. A lot of people are overlooking the Rasheed Wallace signing and their team was already good when healthy before then. Sheed always plays well against Dwight and while Cleveland might be a struggle Boston plays well against them on a regular basis and they have enough size down low to deal with Shaq and Z

  12. Gonna have to go with the Lakers. That’s my choice and I’m stickin to it.

  13. Ill go with the Lakers… 🙂

  14. Miami Heat

  15. Lakers vs Celtics

  16. It’s going to be Celtics vs Lakers, no doubt!

  17. The LA Lakers. Can’t go wrong with Gasol.

  18. lakers and celtics

  19. I got Boston and LA. Classic

  20. Yup Celtics vs Lakers

  21. Yeah I say Lakers vs Celtics and Lakers will beat them this year.

  22. Cavs Vs Lakers

  23. Celtics And Magic

  24. I think Lakers vs Celtics.

  25. Lakers vs Celtics

  26. New Jersey Nets Vs LA Clippers with NJ winning in 7 games!!

  27. Cavaliers and Lakers

    Kobe vs Lebron. (Oh, don’t forget Shaq!)

  28. Lakers vs Magic

  29. Me being a die hard Magic fan since Tmac signed with Orlando,I was thrilled to see my team going to the Finals. I would love to see my team in the Finals again, but that wont be so easy getting past the Cavaliers and Celtics this season. Both teams have improved, but then again so have the Magic. With the addition of Vince Carter, despite the loss of Hedo and a great potential player Courtney Lee, I think we also have improved our squad. Cavaliers dont are not as big a threat this year as they were last year to me. The acquisition of Shaq is huge, but they are not getting Shaq from the Laker days. Its still Shaq, but I dont think he will be the Shaq Cavaliers are expecting. The Celtics have improved alot with the addition of Sheed. This guy brings all exactly what they need ot the table. He is aggressive, knows how to talk talk trash(Him in KG will be the ultimate trash talking C and PF in NBA history lol), got that winners mentality, and is one of the few big man who can defend Dwight. The Celtics look great on paper, but what people are forgetting is that these guys are not in their prime anymore. They have struggled with injuries lately and I dont see all four of them staying healthy throughout the entire season to get to the Finals. Still, if they do remain healthy, they are the team to beat in the East. I love my team with a passion, but Its going to be tough trying to take out the Big 5 now.
    Lakers are getting to the finals again, and I dont see another team in the east besides the Blazers and Nuggets who could stop them. They somehow managed to keep Odom and still had enough money to get Artest. Sure losing Ariza is big, but Artest will fill those shoes and more. I see them going to the Finals again.
    I think that this years finals will be a rematch of the Celtics vs Lakers. I love my team, but a rematch of these two teams with all those added players would be epic. I see it going to 7 games and the Cetics winning it over the Lakers again.

  30. Lakers & Celtics. =)

  31. Magics & lakers

  32. Magic vs Lakers the Rematch, But this Time Vince matches kobe and the magic take it home 4-3.

  33. Lakers vs Heat

  34. Going For Lakers

  35. Gonna go with Lakers vs Celtics

  36. laker

  37. Hard to go against the Lakers.

  38. Miami Heat and Lakers. Get ready for D Wayde, Kobe!

  39. ok….i think its going to come down to…

    …..Lakers vs. Cavaliers…Shaq and Lebron baby yeah!!!

  40. Type your message here…

  41. cavaliers…. cavs arent only going to the finals but there going to win and dance all over you.

  42. Orlando Magic baby! The Lakers also have a very good chance.

  43. Lakers and Celtics in finals..Lakers take it all!!!!!!!!

  44. Pistons !!! 🙂

    seriously though… Celtics rule

  45. Pistons!!!

    but seriously, Celtics all the way 🙂

  46. I’m going to go with the Lakers vs. the Cavs. The Lakers taking it to the Cavs 4-2. Shaq will talk a lot of crap before the series and Kobe will shut him up one final time by winning a championship wihout him and winning it on the Cavs court to boot!

  47. Depends on matchups Spurs vs Orlando (assuming boston and cavs meet)

    LA downgraded from ariza to artest. if stephen jackson were to somehow get moved to the cavs, then all bets are offs, pencil them in.

  48. Lakers FTW

  49. Lakers Vs Cavs in the finals

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