Netflix officially on its way to PlayStation 3

Anyone who didn’t see this coming is a complete putz. In fact, we’re pretty positive that Microsoft signed an exclusive deal with Netflix that allowed the software giant to utilize Netflix as an exclusive feature for a certain amount of time before it was able to be used with another gaming console. It wouldn’t be the first time that something like that has happened and it won’t be the last. However, anyone who ever figured that Netflix wouldn’t eventually be available on PlayStation 3 is only making a fool of themselves.

Today, Sony announced via the Official PlayStation Blog that they indeed do have a deal in place with Netflix and that PlayStation owners can expect to use the feature sometime in the near future (within the next month). On top of that, PS3 owners will not be expected to pay an additional fee to use the service (outside of being a Netflix subscriber) unlike Xbox 360 owners. According to, PS3 owners will need to request that a specific install disc be sent to them in order to activate the Netflix ability on their console.


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  1. Welp!, one less use for the ol’ Box

  2. LMAO….Oh god,This is fuckin AWESOME!

    FUCK YEAH,PS3 RULES! bitches….


  3. err when will the PS3 have everything the 360 has and more?

  4. Treezy504 did a video on it. Here they even made a website for it

  5. Only for America so I don’t care..

  6. TheRighteousFascist October 26, 2009 @ 13:12

    I am so confused. First it’s happening, then I hear that Netflix has no intentions of working with the PS3, and now it’s been confirmed.

    My head’s spinning right now. At least everyone gets the Netflix love.

  7. XD I Knew the PS3 will only get better

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