New God of War III Video shows updated build

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In the following unseen God of War III video you’ll get a glimpse of the game’s latest build before an all new trailer on February 11th. Many PlayStation 3 gamers have given the God of War III demo a go, but with the demo dating back to E3 2009, none of us are really aware of what might have changed since then. The video below gives us that chance.

The video, titled Creating the Chimera, comes by way of a Slurpee promotion where unlock codes are featured on exclusive Kratos Fury Slurpee cups. A variety of content can be unlocked, including a dynamic PS3 theme, in-game costumes for Kratos, and PC desktop wallpapers. Here you can see Kevin Butler having a sip of the blackberry-and-lime flavoured drink:


You can also check out these Slurpee cups, the God of War III dynamic theme and screenshots of the game in our God of War III gallery.

In the following Creating the Chimera documentary you’ll not only enjoy Sony Santa Monica describe their enemy character design process, but also at around the seven-minute mark you’ll spot the latest build of the game. Though the quality of the video is not up to scratch, you may notice improved lighting with new sunlight effects, and also the latest inclusion of object motion blur, making the gameplay all the more realistic. Enjoy the video while it’s up, for soon it will be taken down.

Readers Comments (22)

  1. thats not latest build, thats not even e3 build

    thats e3 demo with no background

    hat slurpee is super imposed

    money is the key to every door

    i think microsoft have paid out for this footage so ppl dont come back and chek the real footage to be shown on febuarry the 11th. there scaredddd…

    idve expected more from a playstation site…..but greed always prevails e….no,no…..thats isnt right…is it

  2. “i think microsoft have paid out for this footage so ppl dont come back and chek the real footage to be shown on febuarry the 11th. there scaredddd…”

    LMAO. What a theory.

  3. Alex C – watch to the end of the video. I’m very aware that the footage isn’t of high quality, but there are certainly new updated graphical features shown in the footage – included improved lighting and object based motion blur. Which aren’t present in the E3 demo.Thanks.

  4. Oh man I can only imagine what some of these boss fights are going to look like. The lighting is superb as is the animation. I’m so happy that I own a PS3 and 360, playing Mass effect 2 right now and this in March.


  5. LOL kratos’s running/walking animatinon look’s soo pathetic !!!
    he look’s stupid !
    and the grfx is decent ..
    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be much better game than this !!

  6. mik….there r like 2 trailers of castelvania……how the heck can u say smthng like that…
    oh yeah…ur meanbearpig

  7. yeah ..
    what about GOW 3 there is like one trailer and a stupid demo !
    and yet some ps3 fanpigs saying that this game is going to be GOTY !!
    oh yeah…ur meanFANbearpig !!

  8. Today’s episode is sponsored by the letter G and the number 3.


    seriously what is it with xbox fanboys and this site ?

  10. We love all our readers. Some more than others.

  11. David Macphail February 2, 2010 @ 17:59

    LOL, Mik’s parent’s obviously beat him as a child. 360 games suck and have terrible graphics, which is why a REAL game like Uncharted 2 got GOTY. This year will be a similar story, it’ll be a PS3 exclusive that gets GOTY because 360 games don’t have the quality.

    LOL, Halo: Reacharound? What a suitable game for a Microsoft boot – licker. Reacharound’s graphics won’t even match God Of War 1 let alone God Of War 3.

  12. Half way up the stair is a stair where I sit…

  13. dood Macphail, you sound like a total fanboy as well


    both of you guys stop acting like a bunch of little pricks

    ohh Mac, beating your kids usually doesnt have anything to do with being a faggot fanboy

  14. @mik
    You’re gonna judge a game by it’s running animation?
    That is just plain stupid. Kratos’ running animation hasn’t been changed and neither will it ever. That running animation is what defines the game.

    Same could be said with Arkham Asylum. Batman runs like a total jackass but
    it was one of the best games I’ve played this gen.
    Seriously, you’re gonna try and bash a game, at least play the FINAL version.
    You sound like a butthurt child that had his toy taken away from him.

  15. its-manbearpig February 2, 2010 @ 22:30

    i want a kratos slurpee too bad theres no 7-11 where i live

    oh and the game will surely be epic too and if u play this game on a 1080p tv i bet it will be in the top 5 best graphics ever

    and is there really such a college as playstation university if so i would kill to go there

  16. Hi, Patrick, thanks for the post! How do you know this is from a current build?

  17. David Macphail February 3, 2010 @ 03:17

    @ Fearlubu – dood? Seriously? Dood? That’s your understanding of the English language? Facepalm indeed. LOL…….what a retard.

  18. Cool Beans, I don’t know if it’s the current build (I doubt it is) but I do know it’s the latest and most up-to-date build we’ve seen (even if only briefly) – and it shows a number of updates that are described in the article.

    And guys, please stop the smack talk.

  19. well of course they would polish the game in a years time

  20. Yeah your definitely right Patrick…it may not be the current build but it’s definitely the latest build the public has been shown.. definite update in the post-processing department, and the modeling of the chimera has been drastically updated..that was the only thing i WAS’NT impressed with in the E3 demo was the modeling/texturing of the chimera up-close..check it out in the last finishing move where Kratos sticks it’s horn through it’s eyeball, the Chimera almost looked ps2 quality…good to see they fixed that shit right up

  21. u walk pethetic asshole the only reason why people talk shit about this game is because its not for xbox or it could be because they never played this game ……the reason why i like this game is because its challenging not like the games today all games are easy to pass

  22. It is cool to see how the developers of the game created God of War 3. It takes a lot of work to create an awesome game like God of War 3, but it will be one of the best game released when the game is finished being made.

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