New GT5 footage shows improved detail and textures

The GT Academy finals are currently underway and one advantage for us mere mortals (who don’t quite have the skills of these top racing gamers) is that we get to have a look at the latest build of Gran Turismo 5. Sure, many us played the Time Trial for the GT Academy, but we understand that much of the graphics engine wasn’t updated from GT5: Prologue, only the physics were.

So with the following low-quality video of the GT Academy finals in France we can get a good look at the Fuji track that we’ve previously enjoyed in Prologue. As you might be able to see, the track and roadside have seen an impressive upgrade in texture detail. Also the game’s lighting appears to be improved over Prologue, one of Polyphony Digital’s many strengths, though this could be a side-effect of the capture method used to take the video. So here’s a comparison about what we’re talking about, provided by the sharp-eyed folks over at NeoGAF:

Fuji in Gran Turismo 5: Prologue


Fuji in latest Gran Turismo 5 in-development build


Enjoy the video footage below of the GT Academy 2010 finals in France. We also have a huge selection of GT5 screenshots in our gallery.

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  1. excellent, now lets see a release dat already

  2. thank you pd for realizing the world isnt perfect and making the grass crappy on the edge. amazing what a difference that little thing made

  3. I think it looks much better. Little things like grass being messed up and dug up and the better textures on the pavement make this game look much, much better.

  4. Come off it man those graphics look like crap. And your camera is jumping all over the place. I’m sire the game will look good but this just looks terrible

  5. Nick? The graphics don’t look crap. The quality of the video is crap…I don’t quite get what you’re trying to say. By having a look at an updated build we get to see the differences from Prologue…this shows a big update in lighting and textures…as is shown in the comparison screenshots. Other forums, including technical ones, are raving about these updates and describe them as “very big improvements.”

  6. I’ll bet with any gamers on the planet that this will be another slow racer. All the games in the series are slow for some reason. The fastest racers I’ve played are Need for Speed Shift, Forza 3 and F1 on the PS3. The graphics will be amazing, it’ll have the same old tracks, I love racers that have made up tracks, but that’s a bit rare these days with racers.

  7. @ Paddy – That’s a different Nick 😉

    The improvements are pretty obvious. We just need a release date now.

  8. @agent75
    forza isnt on the PS3 :p
    but i think they’ve nailed the sense of speed. games like need for speed are made to have unrealistic speeds, thats why its called NEED FOR SPEED.

  9. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 February 13, 2010 @ 09:25

    When is it coming out? Looks like real life… but I hope they’ve fixed the physics. and car damage make them more like real life

  10. For everyone asking about the release date – Sony have already confirmed they’re aiming at a Fall release. It’ll be out before the end of the year – that’s all that matters.

    The best racing game in the world hit’s the track again in 2010……….i can’t wait.

  11. Thank’s to for this video 🙂

  12. wow this looks great…

    lets just hope it doesnt go ahead and delay AGAIN…acutally ill take that back…its better they dish out a flawless game later than have an ish-ridden earlier version

  13. video needs to be 1080p to see the finest detail but is on track to looking amazing. Im not really a racing game type but im very interested in this game.

  14. The new Gran Turismo 5 game looks great. This game is a huge improvement over Gran Turismo 4 and its look like this game will be a big seller because the game is going to be awesome.

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