New Mass Effect 3 trailer solidifies FemShep as the BestShep

I trust that you’re all playing as a female Shepard as you save the galaxy from Reaper invasion, right? If not, you’re missing out on the premier Shepard experience. She’s every bit the badass as BeefShep, but without the stiff voiceover. If you don’t believe me, perhaps a brand new trailer released by Bioware today will help sway you:

Yup. FemShep fans have been trumpeting her dominance since the first game released in late 2007, and it’s only just now that Bioware are highlighting it. Jennifer Hale’s performance as galactic savior has always been fantastic, and it’s great that she’s finally getting a shot at the spotlight in the marketing for Mass Effect 3.

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  1. i can see that they steped up the production waleue
    but still not quite on part with the high standard titles

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