Ninja Theory coy over Devil May Cry 5 collaboration with Capcom

It has been rumoured that Heavenly Sword creator Ninja Theory has been grabbed by Capcom to develop the next Devil May Cry 5. The Cambridge, UK, studio is currently hard at work on Enslaved, but has admitted to working on a secret Xbox 360 and PS3 project. When probed over whether this game was Devil May Cry 5, Ninja Theory did not offer a denial.

Instead Ninja Theory’s head ninja, Tameem Antionades, gave VG247 mere teasing statements. When asked what the secret game was, Tameem replies:

“I can say it is an unannounced game for an unannounced publisher.”

When asked as to whether it was Devil May Cry 5, Tameem infuriatingly answers:

“Well, there’s no way I’m gonna confirm or deny if we’ve got anything to do with it. [laughs] No chance! [laughs]”

If there’s no chance in hell that the team is working on it, they’d surely be quick to deny the rumour in fear of falsely raising hopes. The comment thus, in our opinion, points to a certain amount of truth in the possibility of Ninja Theory creating Devil May Cry 5.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new studio make DMC.

  2. If it’s gonna be like Heavanly Sword they can keep it for themselves.
    DMC5 needs to be DMC1 + 3 and with VERGIL!!!

  3. @9Y0:

    You are damn right =). Personally, I like DMC3 the best.

    I think everything comes perfectly in that game. The combat is just brilliant, just like a fighting game BUT in an action game (Which is actually the way Capcom wanted it to be).

    I sort of liked DMC4 combat, the only thing I would change is the style and weapon selection. Instead of having to cycle through all the styles and weapons, just assign 2 of each which are interchangeable mid combo.

    That would be so badass.

  4. VofEscaflowne May 25, 2010 @ 21:53

    It needed more [wink] and maybe a [nudge] for it to go into confirmed territory, haha :p I always thought the games looked good. I enjoyed DMC3 for the different fighting styles and weapon variety but while the difficulty was brutal, it was unfairly so at times due to horrible camera angles. Not to mention the style of the game was a big turn off for me as well. Hopefully Ninja Theory can give it new life and perhaps spark some interest for me.

    I still need to find me a copy of Heavenly Sword too and not one at 60$!

  5. DeviLBringerRRR May 26, 2010 @ 14:17

    Yeah they better annonce it fast because we Devil May Cry fans can’t wait and there better be PC version

  6. @ VofEscaflowne:

    I disagree with you about the difficulty of DMC3 (the original release, not the special edition which was far easier). For me, the insane difficulty was one of the game’s best aspects (the story being a close second). I’ve played every installment of the series from easy to DMD mode (except DMC2 for obvious reasons) and the third resulted in two broken PS2 controllers, trumping the one broken controller for the first game. When I finally beat that game completely, I admittedly felt a little badass (much like beating the third Nightmare fight in DMC1… the most infuriating fight ever). I know that none of my friends can truthfully claim the same thing.


    Excellent idea about DMC5. I absolutely want Virgil back, however, I’m not sure I would want to play as him throughout the game. In DMC3, he was such a great villain because of how powerful he was when you fought him. If you were able to play as him (such as in the special edition of DMC3) it would remove some of the character’s mystique. Instead, I would like to see him return, more determined and powerful than ever, and be pitted against both Dante and Nero. Would make for some cool friggin’ cutscenes. Or perhaps Mundus returns and all three must go against him… either way as long as Virgil is back it will be cool.

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