Nintendo asks, “What’s the benefit of a PSPgo?”

It’s not too shocking to see one company discuss its competitor in an unhealthy light, so it doesn’t come too much of a surprise to see Nintendo of America’s President, Reggie Fils-Aime, discussing the PSPgo has a handheld that carries very little benefit to the consumer. In a recent discussion with the Washington Post, Fils-Aime touched base on the PSPgo and discussed one of the fundamental issues plaguing the handheld from day one and that is, “What’s the benefit?”

“I have the utmost respect for all our competitors,” he told the Washington Post. “But it’s interesting to try and answer the consumer question of ‘what’s in it for me?’ in that product. The device has a fundamental concept problem in terms of ‘who it’s for’ and ‘what’s the benefit?'”

Considering how well PSP sales have been going since the release of the Go, it’s kind of interesting to see Fils-Aime question exactly how it benefits the consumer in general. Not only does the PSPgo allow the user the comfort and portability of carrying around the device without the need of any UMDs, but it also provides 16GBs of internal flash memory that can house music, movies, photos, games, and more.

Since Nintendo released an updated version of the DS which included a below average camera and costs significantly more than its predecessor, can we question as to whether or not a previous owner has any true benefits of upgrading from the standard DS? While I agree the Nintendo DS is a money factory and one hell of a handheld (I own one), any consumer in regards to any product can always ask, “How does this benefit me?”


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  1. Sony is not making you buy PSPGo’s. If you want a PSPGo, buy it. But you can still buy a PSP 3000 and get games for it, because they support both. They’re just giving you a wide selection of products, depending on your prefences… Good Job Sony.

  2. they are jealous of the power of the psp, because the DS is crap.

  3. what’s the benefit
    youre getting the same psp but if you happen to be more comfortable with digital than physical media than the pspGO would be a better choice
    that shouldent be to hard for Reggie to understand, but it seems it is to much for his limited mind

  4. The benefit of a DSi is a lot more obvious than the benefit of the PSPgo; the DSi brings in downloadable games for the first time (download ONLY games), and WPA wireless security support (big sell point for me, no more meddling with WEP).

  5. There is no benefit with a PSPgo unless you don’t already own a PSP. I myself would rather have a PSP 3000 then the piece of crap called PSPgo. It’s overpriced and pointless. DSi gives you downloadable games plus being able to play your cartridges as with the PSPgo, you can’t play your UMDs so if you already had a PSP before then, you’ll have to carry two PSPs with you, one to play your UMDs and your go. Sony already said some, if not all, UMD games wont be transferable.

  6. Also not to mention that without physical media it’s easier to lose your data. If something happens to your data and you have a UMD. all you’ll have to do is replay the game over. If you had it downloaded and something happened, you’ll need the re-get the game, maybe having to pay for it again.

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