Nolan North: Uncharted 3’s development is common sense

Following the success of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, both critically and commercially, it’s almost a certainty that a third iteration is on the way from Naughty Dog. That’s a stance Nathan Drake’s voice, Nolan North, takes in his latest interview. And there’s a lot of ‘nudge nudge, wink wink, you know what I mean’ going on, to say the least.

[Spoiler]. Uncharted 3: Chloe’s Revenge. She’s got to be a little peeved that she didn’t get a bit of Nathan Drake at the end of the day. Oh, spoilers. Should have said that at the beginning. Uncharted 2 has been winning awards left right and centre, and is rightly considered one of the PlayStation 3’s best games. So when it comes to the question of whether Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 3, the voice of Nathan Drake, Nolan North, thinks it’s common sense. In an interview with our friends over at PlayStationChat, North replied to the question “Are you, or are you not working on Uncharted 3?” with:

“I’m not supposed to talk about that. I’ve been told I can’t say one way or another. But I will ask a question back: Do you think it would be financially responsible of Sony to not make a third game that has made hundreds of millions of dollars for their company?

“You’ve just got to use your common sense. What do you think? I’m not supposed to say one way or the other. I would encourage everyone to tap into their common sense.”

That’s a hell of a hint there Mr North, but we promise not to take your words out of context. At the end of the podcast PlayStationChat’s host Ben tells Nolan, “We may talk again when Sony makes a certain financially logical decision,” to which he wryly replies:

“I’m sure if we all used our common sense, I’m sure that decision from Sony will be very, very soon. Not that I would know anyway. I would think that we would just have to hope that our senses are finely tuned into how the industry works. Not that I’m saying anything one way or the other. You should understand that… You should all think about what would be sound decisions [laughs].”

Hm, hmmm… Well we’re going to use our common sense and assume that the decision to make Uncharted 3 has already been made by both Sony and Naughty Dog. We’ll also presume that the team has already started work on the game. In fact, we’d presume that the team started brainstorming the game before they completed development on Uncharted 2. The question is, will we ever see Jak on the PlayStation 3?

We suggest you give PlayStationChat’s interview with Nolan North a really good listen, since you’ll even get to hear him offer impressions of a whole host of sperms. Yes, sperms. Still, his South African accent needs some work.

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  1. I’m sorry, I mean “pretty”, back in the very last sentence.

  2. well, i think 3D its not that good.. tecnology its not that good yet. maybe more 5 years for all games become 3D. but for now i think its IMPOSSIBLE for EVERYone to play it in 3D.. u need 3Dglasses above 100 euros/libras and a televesion 3D.
    😀 i prefer playing it in my LCD HD with a good story and no 3D ^^

  3. From my last quote, what do you guys want from Uncharted 3. I know all of ya’ll want it to be way better than “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” and of course want it to destroy “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”. But, do you want Nate to carry more than one pistol, do you want him to drive vehicles, that you can control, and have more and highly advanced weapons. If you have any better ideas, just go to Naughty Dog’s website and ask them requests that you want to be in Uncharted 3. Make sure you don’t ask them too much!

  4. i would like better weapons and i would like to see drake in desert ;D

  5. “” and click on the link that says ”“.

  6. To find out more about Uncharted 3, just write an email to them.

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