Crytek CEO: Console gamers don’t respect development

Cervat Yerli, CEO of Crytek — creators of the Crysis franchise — has gone on record to discount console gamers and the way they treat gaming developers for the quality of their work. In an exclusive interview with OXM, Yerli claims that “console gamer gives you two seconds” to decide whether a game is a success or not.

“I simplified it for our guys by saying there is one difference between the PC gamer and console gamer. I said the single most important difference is a PC gamer forgives you for about a minute. A console gamer gives you two seconds. It sucks or it fails and you’re either the top or a flop. They don’t respect any value you put into your development, either it works or it doesn’t work.”

To be honest, I agree with Yerli entirely. It seems as though console owners aren’t as appreciative of the development time that goes into creating a game whether it’s a big time release or a slight failure in terms of quality and gameplay. Despite that, developers should look at this as a challenge to impress console gamers instead of feel bad about failed attempts.

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  1. He’s right.

  2. He is right. But you have to account mods in consideration, where pc gamers usually having creative freedom and console gamers don’t.

  3. So damn true .

  4. He’s correct, but a flop is a flop, no matter how hard a dev works on it.

  5. Yeah when PR strategies includes pointing out defects in other games, how do they expect development should be taken seriously. i still don’t think this game will look better then Uncharted 2 or God of War 3. The console versions anyway. I just don’t see how it can. It’s a multiplat!

  6. for the most part, yes…he is correct. but im usually not like that, until nowadays i have little time to even play games (im probably a casual gamer now :\ ) so i dont want to take the chance on wasting time on a game

    thats my 2 cents

  7. Yeah, seeing as how most console gamers actually buy their games. But seriously, why should I pretend and say a crappy game is pretty good, no I am gonna say it sucks.

  8. Console gamers also abandone online games a lot quicker… for example, Killzone 2 is very barren while Unreal Tournament III and Crysis are very popular still

  9. well in my opinion console gamers are more critical to games because unlike most pc gamers(hackers) console gamers actualy buy their games, and if a expencive game(MW2) turns out to be less than what you pay for you fell dissapointed

    while if a pc gamer sees a nes-like pixelated backgrownd in a game he dosent fell like he isent getting his moneys worth

  10. tell that to all of us that bought Heavy Rain. while every magazine and site said it would flop, us console gamers attracted to innovation gave it a shot.

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