OnLive UK boss wants Sony discussion over PS4 integration

OnLive is interested in running its cloud gaming service on the PlayStation 4.

During a chat with Eurogamer, Bruce Grove, head of OnLive UK, claims the tech would work “nicely” on next generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.

“If they decide they want to use our technology, that would be a great discussion because we’ve already got the infrastructure,” he said. “We know how to do it. There are a lot of things we could bring to the table and they could bring to the table. It would certainly be a discussion we would love to have. It would be very interesting.

“For us, it broadens our market. Look at in the same way the Xbox is becoming a media hub. It’s becoming more than just a game system. It’s just announced with the BBC.

He added: “In the US it’s announced with U-verse for AT&T. They’re saying, how do we become more than just this? And this [OnLive] is a service that could quite easily work through their service and would work quite nicely, to be honest.”

Conversations between OnLive and Sony have taken place in the past, but nothing has materialised just yet. With the PlayStation 4 expected to be unveiled for the first time sometime in the next 12 months though, who knows what’s happening behind the scenes.

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  1. i am waiting excitly ps4. ps4 features are very interesting i think. i hope ps4 release date is close

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