Original LittleBigPlanet has sold over three million

Critics of Sony’s advertising campaign for LittleBigPlanet pointed to the game’s supposed lackluster sales. The game may have had a slow start, but word of mouth has propelled the PlayStation 3 favourite to the status of best-seller.

With over two million user-created levels uploaded since the game’s release in late-2008, most believe that the game’s sales must be around that number or even lower. The fact is that not all LittleBigPlanet players created levels, which is evidenced by the game’s worldwide sales. Sony today confirmed that Media Molecule’s first PS3 game has sold over three million copies.

Media Molecule hopes to promote increased creation from the community with LittleBigPlanet 2, facilitating the creation of genres beyond just platforming. Out later this year, we hope LittleBigPlanet 2 will have as much success as its predecessor.

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  1. Nice. I also think MM’s awesome lineup of DLC really helped. It’s nice knowing a company is fully backing their product.

  2. VofEscaflowne May 10, 2010 @ 19:29

    What a deserving game to get so many sales. I’m glad it’s sold so many copies, showing that not only games with guns and violence sell. It’s the perfect game to make Sony stand out to not just hardcore gamers, but to the family as a whole and bring them together to play this amazing creation. LBP2 looks to build more on top of what made the first successful so here’s to hoping Media Molecule can once again be proud of having another hit on their hands!

  3. MM is awesome! Lbp is still one of my favorite games.

  4. oh wow, congratz, MM! hopefully LBP2 will go down the same path!

  5. Doominator99 May 11, 2010 @ 09:05

    One of the best games of all time no matter what anyone says YAY 🙂

  6. MGS4 has sold over 5 Million copies.
    Who says PS3 games don’t sell?

  7. Great news One of my Fav game still in my collection. LBP has one of the best community. so many User created level. Can’t wait for LBP2 i am sure it will surpass LPB in few months of release. this is the franchise who gave us Sackboy.

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